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  1. [Old Man Yelling At Cloud] Leaving it to the modders is not (necessarily) lazy

    I reoeat it once more. Modders can add stuff solely based on their opinion and not thinking about what impact it brings to the game. Devs can't, they have to keep in mind whole commmunity and potential balance impact.
  2. Thank you TaleWorlds

    I want to thank community. I always thought Mount & Blade series have one of the best communities. You have been so understanding and waited game for long years without losing hope. Our players helped us to make our games better. For example first Mount & Blade (2008 ) and Mount & Blade Warband (2010) were developed with using feedbacks from players mostly. These games were one of the first examples of Early Access gaming where players involved development. Now we are aware Bannerlord have some bugs, missing features and some missing gameplay elements (npcs are less human like compared to Warband) these are because game has met community new, just 3 weeks past. By time these bugs will be solved missing features/dialogs will be completed, npcs will be more human like and game will be better. Thank you for your support and help in development process.
    Thank you for you communication and detailed explanations! :smile:
  3. Thank you TaleWorlds

    Same could be said to the people who create the doomsayer threads. Just saying.

  4. Dont buy it dont buy it

    Go play fortnite kiddo
  5. The dev is beating around the bush

    I see that TaleWords Internet Defense Force is fully active.

    Yes, and it will be there untill people stop crying and overeacting about any minor change.
  6. 🔔 Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    @Callum We're summon you here, o mighty demiurge!
  7. Formation system need a rework: infantry just can't fight properly

    Me: Riding to spearman on my armored warmount.
    Spearman: Hides spear, takes short sword...
  8. Beta Branch Patch Notes e1.2.0

    Great, thanks! But please, increase smithing stamina :sad:
  9. Minimum influence to be zero(suggestion)

    It can go negative for attacking other kingdom without formal war declaration.
  10. Mercenary contracts are not worth at all.

    Mercenary gives you an option to freely raid vilagers/fight caravans/weak enemy parties of kingdom enemies, which can earn you much more money than payments.
  11. Does AI care about troop quality at the moment?

    1.1.0, saw AI 300 man army running away from my 180 battle hardened elites. Didnt helped them too much, but at least they tried.
  12. No sword sisters? No refugee women, nothing. What the hell?!?

    Adept: Where the heck are all the women?

    Rhagaea: Am i a joke to you?
  13. Currency Difficulty Slider? I'm making way too much money

    800/day i not much wait untill you have 500k stocked up.

    I agree somewhat, TW needs to give us more ways to spent money in vassal/kingdom phases. Maybe feasts, hiring patrols, helping your own villages, some expensive buildings to increase recrut quality, etc.
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