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  1. Is 16gb Ram needed?

    8gb = couldn't play
    16gb = zero problems
    this before even the first patch
    nowadays idk how 8gb is but 16 can only be better
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    So the game was supposed to be "FUll released" in next semester.
    Don't you think we should be getting "2.0/3.0/4.0" patches already? :wink:
  3. What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    2 words: Mod Tools. Yes, now.
    Everything from now on can be fixed trough mods. What r they trying to do with the core game ? It is a boring sandbox without sand and in a square, not a box. Let modders add the flavour.

    I would like a more accurate roadmap just to see how long this will take...
  4. Possibilities-Concepts of Modding Showcase

    PPl from AWOIAF and GOT mods whould take a look and start making it. The core game is BORING.

  5. What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    It's early access and frankly is already much more enjoyable to play SP than native Warband.

    Quit moaning.

    I remember ppl saying this about Ark in its first early access year.
    Then 4 years later, still in EA. Then they released a paid DLC in EA.
    Then it was released the game, full of bugs.
    Then today 5 DLCs later: Full of bugs, no optmization, meshing, dupes and it is still a mess.

    But Stop moaning. Just lend the cash.
  6. What do u think is missing for this game to have a soul?

    Now it s a bland skeleton. And tbh i don't know how to point at what is missing, but it is just boring meaningless fights. What do u think it is? I remember playing the GOT Mods in Warband and, considering the olderness, it had a very bright core. Now this... And how long do u think its going...
  7. The last Kingdom

    i came here to make a post but u already said what i wanted
  8. Who is your best marriage candidate?

    It doesn't make any difference.
    I hoped for a CK2 Alike diplomacy, when marrying someone means non agression pact/alliances/heritages possibilities.

    But no, it is just choosing which doll will be children line production receptacle.

    Marry anyone. I just do the kid from the king when i'm playing, for RP purposes. But it is annoying how easy it is for a nobody to marry the princess of the kingdom. While the mechanics stay as it is, gonna keep doing it anyway cause i get to steal their better gear.
  9. Captured lords - keep them or ransom?

    How it prevents from forming another party/army by theirs ancestor, if the have ones? Could all the clan be destroyed by this?
  10. New factions?

    The map is, as in warband, just too small. I hope the engine support a bigger map than A world of ice and fire Mod, which had a pretty cool size. But it could also be bigger, but modders said they had tech barriers i hope its surpassed now.

    But the vanilla maps... It s the size of a bulldog. And no one real can consider a bulldog a proper dog.
  11. Has anyone died yet?

    Death s are not allowed in my game but i chop everyone heads off. So they die. Plot twist.
  12. Do you think the world map needs more features - like roads?

    Could be like Total War series: You build it and it changes the map, showing new stuff.
  13. Poor performance

    I have a 1050Ti, i7, SSD and had 8g. Had to play in Low and was annoyingly laggy. Bought 8gb more, now i have 16gb. Playing at very high with no issues, except in Sieges. So i now play in High. Smooth af, some spikes in sieges.

    TL, DR to everyone: Buy more ram, it is the only way. Since Siege problems r being reported by everyone, i think it is the point that can be solved by patches. However 8gb it s not enough to run the game smoothly unfortunatly.
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