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  1. In Progress Duplicate Child?

    Yeah, I didn't realize until the response to this post that you could change names, other than when creating characters. When creating characters I usually take the name thats suggested & adjust it slightly. I think I just didn't bother in that particular game.
  2. Excess Troops Abandoning

    Save from around that period uploaded. It should be pretty easy to reproduce, just add troops over your max and see how long it takes for them to desert with others. I try very hard not to do this anymore, so I couldn't tell you if it is still happening, but I assume it is. I appreciate you looking at it.
  3. On Rebellions

    If you are the ruler, you can override decisions on policies, but not so much the ones already in place when you become ruler...particularly when they already voted for that policy that costs you twice as much influence to override their decisions.
  4. Resolved Food shortage in high prosperity cities

    Typically, when offered a ransom, I accept it, even if I feel its too little. My assumption is if I don't accept a ransom it will harm relations with other lords, possibly even those in my own faction. That in turn would make it harder to recruit lords to my faction. Is this true? Or is it a false assumption. Although there are times I can definitely use the extra cash, there are also times I don't care about it & I do understand that it ends wars faster if you have more lords prisoner. I could just experiment with it, I suppose, but its something I've been meaning to ask here for a while anyways.
  5. Resolved Food shortage in high prosperity cities

    I agree the troops replenish way too fast. I also think that as some sort of balance mechanism, Taleworlds ramps up the difficulty the more it goes on. Thats good in the early & mid-stages, but in the late stages I still feel that its ramped up to the point where you can't win itt as a war game. Yes, you can use diplomacy to help, but I don't want it to be purely a diplomacy game over a war game. Yes, you can just execute all opposing nobles as you capture them, but since I try to play as myself in a different world, I don't want to be a homicidal maniac. I still feel you should be able to eliminate least to the point where they only come back periodically as rebels & you eliminate them again.

    When you get 3/4ths of the world conquered there's just too many factions attacking you all at once on a front you can't cover all by yourself and you can't trust the other armies in your faction to help with. (I hate that they besiege something, have it to the point they are about to attack it, then decide they need more food and drop the siege. Unless they are about to be attacked by a larger army, just have them follow through with te siege, then take care of their food problems after that. They'll have less troops to feed then anyways and if its a town they may be able to buy food at the town they just took).
  6. Resolved Food shortage in high prosperity cities

    I fully agree the wording prosperity is misleading, and really doesn't convey what its supposed to. If you ask a governor how the town is doing and he says its prospering strongly, you think the town is doing great. You don't think the town is over-crowded with slums, ghettos, etc. There should also be a way to control the population. I regularly go to my older towns and remove low level troops from the garrison so they aren't just sucking up food. Then I just delete them out of my party. (If I actually need troops I may pull the best out instead). If a town is overpopulated, maybe there should be a way to add another village to it or something. Having a need to CLOSELY monitor fully developed towns on the other side of the map, when you are almost always at war is too much of a hassle. When you first take over a town or if it is in the middle of a war zone it makes sense there would be problems and you would have to manage it carefully, but towns that literally have not been involved in wars in years shouldn't require a lot of time. I believe this is supposed to be a war game, not an economics game.
  7. Need More Info Animations issue: Javelins turn dead soldiers into floating baloons.

    My favorite is the animation issue where horses, and sometimes soldiers, fly 3-4 stories high in the air when they are killed. I have to admit I did really like one the other day though where near the end of a siege I'm walking along and notice a body on the fence. He was basically sitting on the lower part with his arms over the upper part of the fence. Looked natural like he dragged himself into a sitting position & then just died there.
  8. Lords freed after battle thank you and you gain relations.

    I'm pretty good about complaining when there's a problem, so I thought I'd do the opposite and provide praise.... In the past if a lord was captured and you defeated the army/party holding them you got a message they were freed after battle. Period. Now, in 1.6.2 I freed a lord and there's a...
  9. In Progress Lord needs a tutor bug, lost him

    I also ran into this. I probably wasn't going to complete this quest on time anyways, but now there is no hope. I am in version 1.6.2 beta. As an additional note, I tried making him governor of my castle to get him that way, but it doesn't give me that option.
  10. Resolved Tablut Game Stalling Out On Opponent Turn

    This is something that used to be a problem, but I believe it has since been fixed. I used to have it happen from time to time, but haven't seen it in a while. Note that the original post was more than 16 months ago.
  11. Battanians say talk to Monchug when asked about Neretzes folly.

    Not normal. It used to be they told you to talk to their lord. I don't generally do the Neretzes Folly quest so it may have been happening for a while, and in 1.6.0 a lot of lords were with the wrong faction anyways. But its not normal or how its supposed to be.

    If the devs say its normal, then its just a sign of laziness.
  12. Battanians say talk to Monchug when asked about Neretzes folly.

    I assume this is new to 1.6.2, but when you talk to a Battanian lord who doesn't know anything about Neretzes Folly, they tell you to talk to Monchug. Monchug is the Khuzait leader, Caladog is the battanian leader. They should be telling you to talk to Caladog. Below is screen print, but I've...
  13. Resolved [1.6.2] Caravan Ambush Not Moving

    No, I don't have time for the escort quest. I only do the ambush one. The ambush one stops now if you get too far from it (although I'm not sure whether the bandits stop as well).
  14. Resolved [1.6.2] Caravan Ambush Not Moving

    Not sure if this is the same I usually see, but if I get too far from the caravan now it stops moving. If I move back closer it starts up again (then I frequently get the message I'm too close, lol).
  15. Resolved Sneak in?

    (shakes head)
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