Campaign map siege targeting is stupid

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When ever I besiege a town/castle on the campaign map the targeting of the guns is totally idiotic. They spend about 75% of the time trying to destroy the walls, rather than trying to destroy the guns that are targeting them. Think about this...if you are trying to break into someone's house and someone is shooting at you are you going to keep trying to break into their house or are you going to shoot back at them?

The logic for trebuchets, catapults, and other siege weapons should be to target the guns first, then when they are destroyed, target the walls. Most of the time I prefer not to even destroy the walls. Once I take a settlement over its harder to defend when there are holes in the wall and it takes time to repair them. Plus, if I outnumber the enemy 3 to 1, its just as easy to defeat them using rams, siege towers, or even ladders. Plus, the longer I sit there beating on the wall the more likely it is that an enemy army will show up to assist the defenders.

If Taleworlds disagrees with me, can you at least make it so I can pick an option whether to attack the guns or the walls first? I prefer to do things logically.
i agree with your point.
The hole system needs to improve.
- cities with certain upgrades should start with everything mounted on the wall,
- player should be able to buy siege engines as items so to employ them at the start
- New build siege engines should be put in the reserve pool. In the current situation you have to pause the game everytime an engine is build to prevent damage.
As an additional note, if you build siege towers; which clearly indicates you plan to go over the walls, not through them; the guns still focus on destroying the walls rather than the guns that are killing them.

Regarding your suggestions, I agree a court system/messenger system would be a big improvement. Other clans get mercenaries easily, but once you become leader, you don't have the time to contact mercenary leaders. They should have a contact in your court or you should be able to message them. Also, quite frankly, when I am regularly leading armies for the never-ending wars, I don't have time to track down other lords to ask them to join me. There should be a system where either I should be able to message them or, when a small, dying empire has less territories than lords, they should be able to contact you at your court for them to propose joining your empire.
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Yeah, add to this problem, there are perks specifically to increase damage versus siege weapons, but no way to make them target them specifically. Not to mention all the +damage becomes over kill with 4 trebuchets shooting 1 catapult some times (they could destroy it with out the extra damage) instead of being able to have say 3 trebuchets aiming for the different weapons as soon as they pop up and 1on the walls. Not that the walls going down is very helpful since the AI performs much worse once they enter the inner fief area, it's much better to kill them with ranged at the ladders and just go in to clean up the last bits.
Agreed, Ananda. The AI in the interior of the castle/town is atrocious, pretty much on both sides. I hate that I will break in on one side, just to see my soldiers leave the area. Then the next group of reinforcements will go to the other side instead of coming to where they have free entry. Then the enemy just takes it back the side I broke through..

I usually just attack on ladders with overwhelming numbers. Once the garrison troops go down, the militia is just paper soldiers. But I want to bring down the enemy siege weapons before attacking.
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