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    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-Independent VC mod (released 3.3)

    HooTmAn said:
    From Kale at the Nexus Forum:

    Hello everyone! I would like to announce that my full attention is focused on a new update!

    I cannot give an accurate date of when this update will be out. It may be months. It may be weeks. But it will definitely not be a few days.

    Update Priorities, upcoming features, and possibilities:

    HIGHEST PRIORITY (These changes are extremely likely to be in the next update):

    -Add in the best looking vanilla VC armors. I will only put the most choice and nice looking, historical cut of armors back in.

    -Remove ugly and buggy BE armors. This is a very high priority

    -Hammer out bugs and issues. MAJOR priority!

    -Completely revise the nexus description. MAJOR priority

    -Either remove or heavily revise the Taleworlds forum description

    HIGH PRIORITY (These changes have a good chance of making the cut):

    -Incorporate freelancer into BE

    -Tweak several txt file mechanics

    MINOR PRIORITY (These changes will be considered and may make the cut):

    -Fix music bugs

    -Add in new music and change the tone of music to have a sort of "balanced" feel

    -Make a moddb page

    -Moar screenshots

    -New video. Without fuzzy HDR!

    More will be added to this comment at a later time. A changelog will also eventually be added. Get hyped BE fans.

    Keep in mind that I am a beginner at best with Python code! I cannot promise you that advanced code changes (like freelancer) may be added.

    EDIT: For me, i will give Kale new stuff, too. To put in that new Update then. I have to do a lot this year, so that new update may have the last "big graphic changes", too.

    -More improuved Scenes and fixed Scenes

    -Some new Textures, Meshes for the Flora

    -Fixed some horses

    -Changed a BigRock Formation, so no more stucked troops at all.

    -Added new Props to some Scenes

    -Some Collisions improved

    -And more..  :smile:

    Have these issues been fixed yet in 3.3 or are we still waiting on it? Have yet to try the mod out and was wondering if I should wait until some of the bugs are stamped out
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Feel free to redirect me somewhere else, but Kraggrim sent me a file link to one of his swords and I have no idea where to put it!
    when I unzip it it has a .brf a BUMP_0.dds , DIFF_0.dds , SPEC_0.dds file. Any help is much appreciated!
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    What to prepare in advance before starting a new kingdom?

    I''ll throw in my two cents here.
    1. You will need not only a large force, a large back up force (presumably in your refuge), but also a high quality one. Because starting/maintaining and eventually expanding will involve A LOT of sieges, my personal choice is the close quarters melee troops almost all factions have (the Frisians do not have a branch of these guys). The ones who have typically and axe/sword and armor and a shield. In sieges spearmen are not horrendous, but they get a bit "stuck" and also unless they are tier 5 their back up weapon is typically a very tiny knife (not ideal).

    2. 600 a week is not enough. Ideally you want to be in the positive unless you have your maximum number of troops in your army. In my current game I am the ruler of Cornubia and even with 150+ tier 3's and 4's I typically earn at least 2k in profit per week. Subtract the fact that I own one city and two villages (all very rich) and that means you have alot of farmsteads to buy. Secondly, go in with a fortune, if you need mercs in an emergency situation (and you probably will) they are not cheap on average say 10k or more for 15 guys. I currently try to maintain at least 100k year round in my campaign, not easy but it makes things go smoothly.

    3. Make sure you have over 1000 renown and at minimum 30 right to rule. People don't respect you until you have proven to be an untouchable bad ass. Moreover, also try to have alot of either reputation (a.k.a honor) or the opposite, this allows you to either use fear to your advantage or your kind heart. I personally recommend going with honorable because it will attract the kind of nobles you want. Nobles who leave or are exiled will show up time to time in your court at your capital. They could be aggressive or honorable and looking to be permanent members, or complete ****s with no interest other than their own goals.

    4. Plan your alliances very, very carefully. In my game I made good with all Briton factions, because I though my campaign would be one of survival rather than conquest( West Seaxe usually plows through the Cornish but they left me alone mostly this campaign). So now the Welsh nations cover my borders in a sporadic fashion and weast Seaxe only holds the very eastern tip of southern england. Now I need to come to blows with my Welsh neighbors in order to supply my nobles with their increasing demands of war and fiefs. Needless to say the factions you have planned to be a long term ally you may need to wage war against. Try to ally with factions opposite of a large or substantial opponent. Connaught or Ui Niell in your case might be good choices.

    5. Have a very effective party, have at least one (I personally have 3-4) companions that are excellent medics, specifically in surgery as this keeps men from dying. Put them in a safe area each open battle and siege in order for their healing effects to be of use for the entirety of the bloody business of the day. Also have or at least try to have one that counters your weaknesses such as perhaps tracking and trade. Also, begin to focus your character points (hopefully you already have been) on what is necessary for you to have. You can put companions points in sea king, but this doesn't help your actual ship limit, the skills that are leader only are the ones I am referring to mostly.

    Hope this helps :smile:
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    kalarhan said:
    Celticfury3 said:
    why the Irish and Britons don't have tier 5 troops

    short answer: factions are not created equal. Each one, in special different cultures, requires that the player learns a new playstyle as the troops are different (more or less cavalry, skirmishers, archers, spears, swords, etc).

    there is also the historical factor and gameplay balance reasons behind the troop tree design.

    if you want to change it visit the modding section. If you want to discuss the variation by culture visit the lore section. If you want to discuss game balance create a new thread for that.

    I suppose I wasn't clear in my inquiry. I'm none too concerned with the fairness, or unfamiliar with factions in a game not being the same, but what I am wondering is what the thought process was and historical precedence in having all the factions have a more elite part of the troop tree except the Irish and Britons. Thanks :smile:
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Also anyone know why the Irish and Britons don't have tier 5 troops with lvl 31 stats? Every other faction has what one might call and "elite" branch of its troop trees where the level and stats of a certain tier are better than the standard. Like huskarls are lvl 31 whereas most other faction troops in that category are 29. And even with troops of lower tier such as lvl 3 and 4, once again Norse companion and Pictish veterans have a slightly higher level and stats with those unit branches. So my question is why wasnt this given the the Irish and Britons?
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    kraggrim said:
    Celticfury3 said:
    Hey so I am on a Royal sandbox, the one where you start as a king, and I rule Cornubia. I am a bit concerned because when the messages come up for all the possible rebellions, there is one in Ireland, on in Wales, and the other is one of my vassals. Back earlier in the campaign our relations were horrible because he had no fiefs but not Ive got him beefed up with 3 forts and a village, and our relationship is 90+, but he is showing up in the "possible rebellions" rumors and I am a  bit worried about what he may try to do. Any help?

    Is he the former king? I seem to remember in Royal Sandbox the guy who's normally king ends up as a landless vassal of yours. No idea if it's possible for him to start a rebellion, could maybe happen as your kingdom is technically the player kingdom and not the original Cornubia. Who knows, sounds like an interesting situation could develop :smile:. I wouldn't give him any more walled centers though.

    Holy **** I had not even thought of that lol  :facepalm: Makes sense now because I thought it was strange he had a crown :ohdear: Do you know how vassals rebellions play out? Is there anyway to ensure no one takes his side in a conflict?
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    Hey so I am on a Royal sandbox, the one where you start as a king, and I rule Cornubia. I am a bit concerned because when the messages come up for all the possible rebellions, there is one in Ireland, on in Wales, and the other is one of my vassals. Back earlier in the campaign our relations were horrible because he had no fiefs but not Ive got him beefed up with 3 forts and a village, and our relationship is 90+, but he is showing up in the "possible rebellions" rumors and I am a  bit worried about what he may try to do. Any help?
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    What are the best troops of each type?(Viking Conquest)

    It really depends on what you are needing and wanting out of your soldiers. My personal experience is that the Saxon and Norse troops tend to be slightly better at heavy infantry, but lack both in means of cavalry and in skirmishers. Skirmishers, now that I mention it, are wildly misrepresented by most of the community imo, and while they should never be your bread and butter are still a very valuable unit in the game for supporting you infantry. That being said for ranged units overall Celtic cultures (Picts, Britons, Gaels) are your best bet) the norse warrior archers are quite good and possibly the best archers in the game, but they cannot touch Irish elite skirmishers (yes I actually had a battle of just my Irish elite and veteran skirmishers against a larger force of nordic warrior archer deserters). When it comes to spearmen I prefer ones that have the option for spears and swords, that means that Frisian and the "Veteran" mercenaries in taverns are off the list for me, good troops but their spears will break eventually and I want them to have actual weapons not pocket knives. When it comes to heavy assault infantry, a.k.a infantry best used in an aggressive manor I like the huskarls as their stats are best and have a bit more HP, but seeing as I prefer to shove my boot up viking ass, I have yet to use them alot. I have no knowledge of any faction based infantry that can go toe to toe with the Norse faction huskarls, but as far as elite viking (the bandit vikings), whether Danish or Northvgr, are trashed by tier 4 (2nd to best units) Britonnic and Gaelic infantry, and I am sure the same applies for Anglo/Saxons. I have even beat even number elite vikingr parties with tier 3 so consider that formations mean alot in this game and a mail shirt is not always indicative of the best unit in the game. For cavalry easily the best faction units are the Gaelic and Pictish heavy cavalry, and alos they have considerably the best skirmisher cavalry. But there are also superb quality option in taverns with Frankish horsemen as well as the "old captain", they're obviously way more expensive, and arugably not as good, but they are easily comparable to other elite cavalry units. Hope this helps :smile:.
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    Is Viking Conquest good?

    I am leaving a short response but I will follow up when I am not working later. The short answer is yes, and no. No the MP is sadly kind of dead, with a rare burst of players online, but in essence, dead. But the single player is absolutely superb. I personally have never played a native campaign more than 3 days (in game time) because I am too much of a history nerd to enjoy something no-reality based, so VC for me takes the cake. The only mod that comes close to it in my eyes is Brytenwalda, and no surprise it is made by the same people haha. But yeaht he naval combat and other amazing features, plus extreme take to realism (historical and physical) makes this game my numero uno  :party: :party: :party:
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    Viking Conquest: Patch to 2.025 UPDATE: Released!

    motomataru said:
    It may not be released until after Gamescon...

    Thanks for the reminders.

    How long does Gamescom run....  :ohdear: :ohdear: The people await the patch. Also, gamescom is in Cologne so lets hope things don't go south for females attending  :shock:
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    All books and what they're good for ?

    Utfred said:

    Still thanks a lot lad ! Didn't think this link would add info about VC. If the admins agree I might just let this thread live so people as dumb as me can quickly find it in the search bar.

    Alright lol. Get to reading you pleb  :grin:
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    All books and what they're good for ?



    scroll down some for VC.
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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    So I need help with a graphical bug/glitch. On occasion (has not happened in a while) it does a thing where it freaks out and everything looks like it is being smeared and scratched. But it has not been doing that in a while so yay. But my issue now is that there is a graphical "Line" that appears whenever I use the WASD keys, in both battle and map. I know there should be a solution and I DO KNOW that there almost certainly have been threads made with a solution. But my issue is I need one because I do not know what wording to use to describe my issue. Any help appreciated :smile:

    P.S. I already tested with other modules and same issue with the graphical "line", its just a thin line running across the screen where the graphics are trippy. Also in regards to the older issue of the graphics freaking out it used to happen alot but would go away if I tweaked HDR settings, does anyone know why this is?
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    Viking Conquest: Patch to 2.025 UPDATE: Released!

    Yondering said:
    motomataru said:
    We'll let it remain in beta two weeks more. If it turns out not to cause any more major bugs, we'll release it.

    Don't mean to sound impatient, but.. well, I'm getting impatient.  :razz:  Seems to me our two week time out is over soon.  Any chance we'll see *.25 this week?

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    Quick Questions - Quick Answers Thread

    2 things, are we almost there with 2.025 :ohdear:

    and numero dos, what was the inspiration behind the new character models in this game? Im just curious because I liked the ones from the previous game and especially Brytenwalda, but these just seem so...... ugly. And also pertaining to character models their physique also seems to not make alot of sense, they are so upper body strength oriented they look like they have been skipping leg day their whole lives. I ofc dont play this wonderful game and DLC for looks so its really a minor complaint/curiosity, but i was just curious if anyone knew or an admin could tell me the thinking behind the decisions with the character models. Thanks :wink:
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