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    Recruitment system overhaul - 'mustering' & 'training'

    I've been thinking about what parts of the game I enjoyed the least. Personally I find going from village to village to city recruiting new recruits and then endlessly attacking looters to level them up is a core gameplay loop that I find repetitive and tedious. It is a stop-gap in place between...
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    Why does Matchmaking take so long?

    It is a very frustrating experience for us. I don't really know why they are being so poor at communicating and listening to this feedback.
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    I rarely see Vlandia, is this intended?

    My favourite faction :(
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    Why does Matchmaking take so long?

    It is so broken. Taleworlds what are you playing at? If your architecture can't handle it then spin up more dedicated servers for siege and maybe even add battle while you are at it...
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    Stuck in game que?

    We are having this today - party of 5 just suck looking for games endlessly. Come on TW... Bad enough there are no dedicated servers and no battle game modes but at least make your matchmaking work.
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    who is waiting ???

    Yaaas got it
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    who is waiting ???

    Haha won't let me buy
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    who is waiting ???

    ITS UP
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    who is waiting ???

    Hahah coming soon
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    who is waiting ???

    I think they just made mistake
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    Parting Ways!

    Good luck with your future endeavours. I am excited to see new hands take the reigns.
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    Holdfast: Nations at War! Released!

    Hey, I should probably clear up that while FSE might still have me listed that I have not had aything to do with BCoF since the first few months. I have been working part time freelance for Anvil Studios since he beginning however. I would urge you all not to paint this team with the same brush...
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    It is very unlikely but it would be incredible if I got to beta test Bannerlord like I did Warband. Cannot wait to get my hands on the new combat.. and break it :P
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    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Just got to hope and wait for a Beta signup before the end of this year according to their full presentation! I tested for Warband, would love if I was lucky enough to do it for Bannerlord too!
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    Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest DLC (Release Date: 11th December)

    But Vikings? I hae this massive urge to play a multiplayer battle on longboats. And pillage. And maybe actually complete a warband campaign. Also I hope they include some features from Brytenwalda like tripping from walking backwards, maybe a more lenient stamina system.. etc