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  1. In Progress Game with current update is unplayable. Lags and stutter nonstop

    And i now turned back to 1.5.8 and game run good, like before. No long loading screens (party, trade etc) and smooth travel over campaign map.
  2. In Progress Game with current update is unplayable. Lags and stutter nonstop

    And i compared it with playing Witcher 3 on steam and it been totally fine. It is not problem with my computer - i guess.
  3. In Progress Game with current update is unplayable. Lags and stutter nonstop

    I have also problem, in campaign map GPU ussage 100%, when i open party screen, inventory screen or trade screen in Town, Disk ussage 100%.
    I allready try check integrity files via Steam, i try deleted files in Documents and ProgramData. I check GPU drivers, Windows drivers, all is ok.
    It isn't problem with RAM. I am sure about it.

    I also have problem with uploading telemetry file to developers.

    Bannerlord 1.5.9 and also 1.5.10.
    My PC:
    Win 10 x64
    GPU Nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb
    16 GB RAM
    Processor AMD Rizen 5 2600 Six core
  4. Resolved Huge performance drops and lag

    Same here.
    Mostly everytime when i open trade screen, or look on party of my companion. Loading is extremly long. It is about item icons. Since last hotfix 1.5.9. (29.4.2021).
    Before hotfix, it took some time for the first time loading in game, but next loading was ok. Now it is everytime.
    Win 10 Pro x64
    AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor
    RAM 16 GB
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB
  5. Leveling system still unenjoyable and unbalanced

    Back to Bannerlord.
    I have same problem with leveling system in case of my main character and also with companions. Roguery, Medicine, Tactics, Athletics and Engineering - progression is too slow.

    Engineering - its weird. I would like to have a companion for governor position, then i have to put him to be a engineer of my company. He learn how to be good in engineering through operating with siege engines. It is weird. XP in engineering from post of governor is too low. He should be improve, even in proces of building in settlement, not only in finishing. It should be oportunities to learn how to build in others settlement, if a construction is underway, while waiting to heal wounded soldiers.

    Medicine, it should be oportunities to heal somebody else, like other lord (quest), heal their wounded soldiers and people in settlements.

    Athletics, some extra xp from walking through rivers, or climbing to hill, or ladder, from succesfully kicking oponents, bashing with shield, I don't know, just something!

    Tactics - you should be get some xp from waiting in ambush in hideouts, or in case of helping other parties and conversely. In advantage or in disadvantage in battle - not just because of the superiority one side, but if some party have better troops, or have advantige in terrain (perks, culture advantage). You learn how to be good tactician through victories and also defeats - if you survive. Tactics should by also directly proportional to profit of renown from battles.

    Rougery - it is good that we are improving in implemented prison break feature. It will be nice see more similar quests. It would be good to get a chance try bribe some enemies to join my side before battle (not just byuing xp, but only in case, when it is really matters, cases of 50-50).

    Just something! :grin:

    I apologize for my level of English. Also slow progression. :grin:
  6. Resolved Negative cost for bribing guard for prison break mission under certain conditions

    Also, after unsuccessful prison rescue, when your main character is unconscious and owner of castle is not in bad mood, its weird he/she just let you go. You bribe their guard, try to rescue their ennemy and you probably killed some guards and they are OK with that?
    You should pay at least some compensation to families of those killed? Plus of course some change reputation with owners.
  7. Need More Info Clan role only possible for the first vassal

    I cant change role (quartermaster etc) in my party for my brother.
    Changed party formations (archers, infantry etc...) in case of my companions go back, when they create own party. It is problem - for example, when i give him/her horse and he/her shift back to infantry.
    patch 1.5.7
  8. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Leonion: thank you for answer. :smile:
  9. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    What effect has a Relationship with castle?
    Has effect to ammount of  new recruit?
    And where I can find information of relationships with specific castles in the game? :-/
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