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    Official Modding Documentation

    You need to open the scene options window. That has a water section where you can change the sea level. Alternatively, if you look at the main_map scene in the Sandbox module, you will see how Calradia also uses water_planes for lakes above sea level.
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    Official Modding Documentation

    Does anyone know how to change the water height on the scene editor? I'm making a coastal castle and I can't for the life of me figure out how to raise the water level, let alone add water in the first place. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Need More Info General When loading Modding Kit. Game doesn't start and goes back to launch on steam. Please help.

    I have the same issue. I have tried using many different versions of the game, validating my files, but nothing seems to work.
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    Dislike the New Class System in Bannerlord Multiplayer

    I still don't know why they changed to the class system. How could anyone think that giving players less opportunities to be creative is better?
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    Need More Info Army of Poachers Quest is broken.

    Upon recieving this quest you automatically fail it due to the time limit. For example One of the quests said that the time limit was -7 days.This has happened 2 out of 3 time I have received the quest.
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    Unlimited Corpses on the Battlefield, Please?

    Thank you for listening Taleworlds. For once...
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    Unlimited Corpses on the Battlefield, Please?

    Bump. Unlimited corpses option would be amazing. Makes the scene of a battle that much more epic.
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    Giving peasant tier infantry some sort of ranged weapon.

    Historically many lightly armoured troops carried some types of skirmishing weapon. Does anyone else like the idea of having Peasants throw rocks at you while you slaughter them? I mean the rocks shouldn't do much damage to heavily armoured players but should do just enough to keep their shields...
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    Beta Copy

    I have the Beta but I was wondering if it will stay in my library when it is fully released. Will I have to buy another copy of the full game or will it stay in my library?
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    So far, I have checked my emails twice a day for two weeks now.
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    Petition for Australian/Oceania Servers

    +1 Australia deserves a server.
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