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  1. Which faction will you join, and who do you want to fight?

    Aserai, Khuzait, Battania, Empire, Sturgia, and Valandia. I don't have any interest in other factions in the game.
  2. Taleworlds is behind the Coronavirus outbreak??

    That's the real motive for collaborating with NetEase!
  3. Pre download?

    The beta is 44GB but the download size is 26.4GB, so even if the full game is 60GB the download will be around 36GB
  4. Pre download?

    Lebanon, it's a pain to be a gamer here, 4G internet costs 200$ for 200GB a month for 32Mbps max. And cable internet where I live is 3Mbps max and costs around 40$ a month. Yet weirdly the ping to european servers is always below 100.
  5. Pre download?

    That so fast! It took me 2 weeks to download the witcher 3 and 3 days to download bannerlord beta.
  6. One handed weapon on horseback

    That makes sense.
  7. One handed weapon on horseback

    I don't know, I saw it in video on youtube.
  8. One handed weapon on horseback

    You can also couch lance multiple enemies at once.
  9. Okay hold the phone, is it in or out?

    How did you conclude that? You have improved economy, improved sieges, improved combat AI, improved settlements management, improved army management, improved kingdom management, hugely improved sieges, clan system, children, permadeath, executions, improved recruitment system, board games...
  10. Clans and Warbands

    The king can still refuse the result of the vote, but he will lose influence doing this.
  11. Suggestions for bannerlord

    Already in the game. Already in the game. Already in the game. In this video you can see people doing stuff other than walking, merchant shouting, and a special NPC giving a quest to the player: Armagan said that it might be a future DLC.
  12. 31 March and 50 Bucks what do you think?

    Even if true, how is that deceiving?