Zauberstein Map[Release!]

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After a few days of hunting for it, I finally found the Zauberstein map. Thanks to everyone who helped me put all the connections together, and special thanks to "Meister"_Gammal_Dame2.

For those of you who do not know, Zauberstein was a map featured on Gerry's Roleplay way-back-when, before Gerry suddenly disappeared from the face of M&B. Until now, this gem of a map was considered to be lost when the Gerry's RP eventually shutdown.

I hope this map brings back some good memories, and inspires this level of beautiful map making for others as it did for me.

Map File

Scene Code
scn_mp_floodplain mp_floodplain 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x0000000030024ee3400d2348591ef0ff00001bb1647fd81f

Thanks again and Enjoy!


(RIP Gerry, wherever you are and whatever you're doing)


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Ahh yes took a look at the map I do remember this one.  Alot of detail went into this one that most newer ones dont have.  Ahhh the good old days.  However some things to note:  This was intended to be a siege map originally however it found its way into the RP scene god knows how.  I could be confusing it but I am pretty sure  its that map.  Anyways excellent find man.