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When does a ping become bad?

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thats what i normaly get on these servers, i know for fps like cod 4 5 6 i get around 40-60 which is a good ping so i would think that the same range in m&b would be as well. but also i noticed in beta that with my 90 ping its extremly harder to beat some one with a 30 ping, they will be very far away when they start a swing and it will hit you like they wer right beside you all along. taeks time to adjust for sure


I think i read somewhere on these forums that 50 is the cut off for good ping. People with pings of over 50 will lag making it seem like the enemy can swing their sword faster than you and also move faster.

I personally think any ping above 80 or even 100 is the cutoff. Pings under 80 should be fine. They are in most games.
Thanks for clarification.

That pretty much means that I cannot play peak times as we get throttled from 5pm-11pm (even though virgin media say they do not do that). Not to mention that my PC is upstairs at the other side of the house. I just played 2 games where the ping was between 46-70. I guess that is my ballpark in the late hours.


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Anything below 150 ping is easily playable, and anyone that says otherwise is just a jackass. I have consistant 90-110 ping, and I generally find myself on top of the scoreboard. Once you hit about 200 ping thats when you really start to feel the lag, but otherwise you really cant even notice it. If youre a manual blocker youll want 90 ping or less to stand a chance, but for shields/archers/cavalry up to 150 ping is perfectly fine.

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Once my ping starts getting up around 100 or so I have a really hard time blocking anything successfully.
0-100: Good, very smooth.
100-150: Aceptable, not so smooth, but still playable.
150-200: Laggy, but you can get a chop or two.
>200: Lag fest!.


Servers really need to have an auto-ping-kick that is a selectable value so that extreme laggers get auto-kicked. Of course it needs to be able to be disabled for those that don't care about quality servers or gaming.
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