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Yeah, my lightning's been kinda effed up lately. I've been experimenting with a lot of mods, so maybe that's why - but it's the first time I've seen it acting up with gear. This particular armor set was extracted from Cozur's ACOK and it doesn't have that problem there. Everything else I took from there seemed to work fine too. It's really this one piece and its recolors that have this issue, so the problem is on my custom mod's end. How do I fix it?

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Unfortunately, we can't provide any support for issues that occur with modifications for our games. Your best chance of resolving an issue with a mod would be to contact the mod developer directly, or by creating a post explaining the issue on our forums in the relevant section. We are sorry that we can't be of more help to you with this issue and we hope that you find a way to fix the problem.