What has happened to sieges since last update?

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Have given up on assaulting towns since the last update, unless the defending force is small enough to be overwhelmed in a single rush.

Am not sure what is going on, but my troops keep abandoning siege towers or ignoring ladders, and just standing around in front of the walls getting shot to pieces, and reinforcements seem to be arriving very slowly, and only in small batches, so even if you have a huge army all that happens is they get frittered away a few at a time.

Why? This didn't used to be the case.

I realise it's just a game, but Taleworlds seem to make tweaks that are absurdly counterintuitive and illogical sometimes.


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I don't know about this because I don't use siege towers. But I claimed about 1.5 factions of land in 1.8 using a strong ranged force and no siege gear, just place a group in front of each ladders, close enough that siege weapons can't get them and then separate a small group of 20 guys and seek em at the door and race to see if the ranged kills everyone on the walls before they break the door down. You have to re-seek them on the second door though.
defensive seiges have issues as well. Units getting stuck on the spawn and not going to defensive positions seems common.
Worst of all, if the player tries to stand on the wall and use a bow, the allied units will literally push you off the walls and down onto the ground outside the castle walls.
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