What happened to my companion

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I just want to report that the biography notes of each character don't make much sense sometimes as of v 1.2.7

I think my companion died in a siege battle, but when I check his biography this information doesn't show, and im not sure when he died. I know after report battle shows death lords, but sometimes its easy to skip that screen. Also some NPC lord I executed is shown in his biography as "never met" by me, when it was me who executed him.
Biography notes seem to "forget" important notes regarding interaction with player, and store just the last unimportant events. Its a detail but it helps with world building.

Aside from this, I want to thank you Tale Worlds for last update, NPCs seem to be more responsive and react to player actions and world events, like recent invasions or peace treaties, I have been really enjoying my last campaign. I only think that gang alleys are still half baked and hope there will be more intrigue or more gameplay options from that side.

Hope you all have good new year and TW surprise us with more bannerlord content.
To add some more information that I couldn't provide in my last message, my companion biography says that he "disappeared". Very mysterious to be honest, I would like to know what happened to him.
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