[Werewolf] Werewolf: Midcopse Mayhem - The shameful end. Wolves win!

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I was too focused on other **** to care about what was happening. I assumed I'd at least have a chance to sleep and go to uni first before taking another look at the game. Oh how wrong I was.
What stunned me most was the fact, that there were no waves in votes. From day 2 on, every voting wagon went on rails. There was no discussion, no doubting those that cast early (or final) votes, everybody just went along with it. Even after Brutus placed the third vote - which I found a risky move - nobodies alarm bells rang. At first I thought that Eternal had just missed it, as I was sure it must have been an attempt to bomb vote now. But instead another innocent placed the final vote. Nobody voted - or even accused - anybody else on that day. The only other option - that was totally ignored - was a wolf pushing for one of his packies.
Yeah, I'm going to just go back analyzing the **** out of everything in future games. People need actual arguments to chew through to get a proper sense of where everyone else stands.
I also admit that the game passed me by, and as mostly going by gut, and when I did go back and read I was too distracted to make a length post or spend time arguing. I probably should have pushed for Hawk on Day 2.  :facepalm:
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