Need More Info Vilagger conversation bug

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Version number
Yes, but I removed mods.
Summary: So I hoarded lots of items and sold them to the village I want to have more money (I hope that works as I think) and when villager gone to sell it, I had a talk with them and, well, it had reply with what he has a reply of a height lot more than playable screen and no dialogue options. There's no way ( at least found by me) to exit the conversation. There's no save of that or anything.
How to Reproduce: talk to a villager with lots of stuff.
Have you used cheats and if so which: added troops and food items
Scene Name (if related): Dialogue
Media (Screenshots & Video): none
I also have no actual idea what game version I have. It's whatewher the latest Xbox GamePass on PC is. But it doesn't allow me to post unless I put that, so I put a randon one, sorry for that.
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