VC, NW, WFaS and the question 'Can I take some stuff from there for my mod?'

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Warband and the usage of assets of Viking Conquest, Napoleonic Wars or With Fire and Sword

When you look at the game Warband and it's DLCs you could get the idea to use some assets from one of these games in a mod to enhance the other. For example, you could see some nice cathedral in WFaS and get the idea that it would greatly enhance the Calradian city of Praven from Warband. Or you could try to implement some features from Warband into VC. The question is now: Are you allowed to do so?


Only that it is reverse, so the short answer is a no. To understand this answer, you'd have to know that Warband and it's DLCs are produced by different companies:
  • Mount & Blade and Mount & Blade: Warband -> TaleWorlds
  • Viking Conquest -> Brytenwalda Studios
  • Napoleonic Wars -> FlyingSquirrelEntertainment
  • With Fire and Sword -> SiCh
Despite the similar 'Mount & Blade' prefix, there's no trademark relation whatsoever. This means that for all purposes, you should treat them as completely separate games: not games from the same series or brand. The transfer of content from one of the DLCs to Warband will break the software agreement you have aggreed with when installing the DLCs. Vice versa will break the agreement with Warband. This means that you are legally not allowed to just transfer anything from one game to the other. The reason behind this is that no one can guarantee that the mod users have a legit copy of both Warband and one of the DLCs. Therefore copying content from one of those games and distributing it as a mod is copyright infringement.

What kind of consequences does this 'no' have?
  • Some minimods for Warband might work without any problems in one of the DLCs. But any larger mod that uses native assets might not run on the other game without implementing all kinds of native assets into the mod. This is not allowed, so unless you create your own replacements, you can't make your Warband mod compatible for VC, NW or WFaS, and vice versa.
  • Features that are present in Warband but are absent in one of the DLCs can't just be brought over, unless you write your own code.
  • Assets you might like from one of the DLCs (specific buildings, armouries, map icons, code improvements, bug fixes etc) may not be used in Warband mods.
Some of the developers have also given informations regarding this topic beforehand:

Viking Conquest:
Only Viking Conquest Mod/Shader Source may be used in non-Viking Conquest mods. Do not use Viking Conquest binary files such as textures, models, animations, sounds, music, and scenes. You need to credit Viking Conquest when Viking Conquest Mod/Shader Source is used for non-Viking Conquest mods.
(Source of information)

Napoleonic Wars:
You are not allowed to backport (transfer) any Napoleonic Wars expansion content (including, but not limited to, Models, Textures, Scripts, Shaders, Sounds)
to Mount & Blade, Mount & Blade: Warband, With Fire and Sword or Viking Conquest unless you add a CD Key check for the Napoleonic Wars CD key in your mod installer.
(Source of information)

With Fire and Sword:
No informations given. Even tough you can't just do it, you could therefore try to ask the devs for the use of certain assets.
Alexander Souslov, [email protected]

TL,DR Overview table
Shader Source✅❌:?:

✅ Yes, ☑ Can be regarded as yes, ❌ No, :?: You need to ask for permissions​
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