Vassals can gain renown ?

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Hello, this is my first post.
I like to know how the game work and I usually mod my game with many tweaks, mods and others. But today I fell on a strange fact:

I'm a king with 2 town, 5 castles and I saw one of my vassal gain 40 renown (860 ==> 900), which leaded to an increase of his army.  :shock:

How did he do that ?  Perhaps the fact he is the marshall ?


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Yep. NPC lords get renown from being marshal, hosting feasts, and winning tournaments. I haven't found if anyone has identified if they get renown from winning battles as the player-hero does, or not.

Caba`drin said:
Mallissin said:
I don't notice any renown changes. Is renown only decided at the start of the game for nobles? There's no way for them to improve them?

I think I've noticed the King's renown change over time but none of the nobles are gaining any. Even my favorite noble that I take to a lot of battles is still at the same levels from day 25.

They get renown for being marshal (15 at the end of their service), for holding feasts (20 at the end of the feast), and for winning tournaments (20). [From module_scripts and module_simple_triggers]. I haven't found where renown is set from winning a battle though, for the player or a NPC, so I can't comment on that.


I can confirm that nobles can not get renown from battles like the player, even though in my opinion they should.

I've done a number of tests and looked through the code to find nothing.

Caba'drin is correct with his list, but should add that I think marriages add renown as well.


Nope. Their renown won't drop like a player's will over time.

It seems to be randomly generated at the start of the game, and won't change unless they host a feast, run a campaign as marshal, win a tournament or get married.

And even then, each of those events only give them 10-20 renown and don't happen that often.


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AI lord party size increases with player level, so it isn't so bad that AI lords don't get battle renown. Even with a mostly static renown they can still increase their max party size.


Yah, but that hidden party size increase makes no sense. I mean, it has no baring for why suddenly their parties can get bigger.

If the nobles could gain renown, then we could literally watch them gain in party size equal to the gains in renown.

So, kingdoms that are often at war will have a lot of nobles with high renown and bigger armies. Instead, everyone just seems to get bigger with time for no apparent reason except a line of code somewhere.

Malik Faris

i've noticed that lords i make marshalls generally have a fairly signifigant high troop count then my other lords, and i dont think its all from renown, npc marshalls get some kind of part size increase or more money or something so they can grow their armies larger.


i would guess its a balancing issue. if lords get renown from battles then eventually one side will get a huge advantage. if a lord gets some good wins he will become very hard to fight due to all the troops


True but them gaining renown would make more sense than the current system IMO.  Or at least rather than having their base party size based on your level... Those lord armies do get stupidly large towards late game when you are running around at lvl 50 or so (I have only had 2 games get that high..) I also find it silly that to increase the party size of my own lords my only options are to grant them more fiefs or make them a marshal. Just doesn't seem right that they cannot grow in power as they fight the way I can.


it would make more sense but if you had a good 50+ swadian knights and kept winning battles that your allied army was out numbered in not only will allied lords in that battle gain renown but enemy army would have taken huge losses. so to help preventing the scales from tipping to one Nations side they have it like it is now. makes more sense realistically the other way but better for balancingooo this way.
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