OSP Animations Various Firearm-related Animations (from Blood and Iron)


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Animations from Blood and Iron

While working on Blood and Iron, I decided that I didn't want players and bots to look and act like robots all of the damn time. So I sat myself down, put on some Japanese classical music, poured myself a zesty beverage, and thought about- no, that's a lie, I did none of that...

Well, truthfully I didn't want everyone in the mod to act like robots and to feel alive. Animations were part of the solution to this predicament; why was everyone standing in the same way all the time without moving a muscle? You try it, it's impossible. Only inanimate objects do that kind of thing, so I made a bunch of pretty cool animations which I would now like to share with everyone free of charge.

"I don't want to listen to you ramble on about nothing, tell me what's in this OSP!"
Included in this pack are a bunch of varied idle animations for holding a rifle, or another similar pole-arm of some kind. But wait, there's more; you'll get some running animations, some firing and reloading animations, and even some awesome death animations. What more could any self-respecting Mount and Blade modder want!?

Animations overview:
  • 2 one handed idle
  • 6 idle rifle holding
  • 6 idle pole-arm holding
  • 2 unarmed
  • 1 rifle reload
  • 4 rifle firing
  • 1 pistol reload
  • 1 pistol firing
  • 7 deaths
  • 1 rifle running
  • 6 pole-arm running
  • some goodies

"I stuck this package in my mod and it didn't work. It sucks!"
Hang on a second, before you make a comment using those exact words, please bear in mind that this isn't your average plug and play open source kit. In the pack I've included the source code that I used for animations; this code may vary from mod to mod (coming from a mod based on NW and all), so you might have to adjust it yourself. The code is very useful for timings and frames, so I've already saved you from all of the hard work.

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Amazing they are. Why the hell is no one playing Blood & Iron though? I downloaded the mod and keep checking every weekend in hopes of running into someone, but nope. :sad:


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yes, there's some comments about adding new animations which you need to follow:

# All of the animations are hardcoded. You can edit the individual sequences, resources or times. But each
# animation must stay at the same position, otherwise the game won't run properly. If you want to add a new animation,
# you can change both the ids and values of the animations which are named as unused_human_anim_???
# and unused_horse_anim_??? (??? = any number). You must not change used animations' ids.