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Punkbuster 2.0
Hello again old friends.
In preparation of an upcoming event we decided to work on another update which implements many features that never made it into a public release and to fix game breaking issues which came up after we turned off our services for the persistent online character development.
To put it short: We made the mod worth playing again without all the persistent stuff, so you can temporarily earn gold and buy equipment again.
Many features, improvements and fixes made it into the update.
(Sebastian) Fixed clan chat doesn’t work.
(Sebastian) Added more lightning strike effects.
(Sebastian) Fixed firearm damage was still affected by strength and weapon proficiency.
(Sebastian) Horse Archery skill no longer effects ranged damage.
(Gothic Knight) Added a new rapier.
(Sebastian) Added half-swording modes to all swords, it now also includes side swings.
(Sebastian) Removed items that don't fit the mod’s timeframe.
(Sebastian) Melee weapons will no longer be carried on the characters back.
(Gothic Knight) Added a two handed raven’s beak.
(Sebastian) Renamed several items.
(Sebastian) Implemented a dynamic shader based sky.
(Sebastian) Enhanced many shaders.
(Sebastian) Tweaked and improved parallax mapping.
(Sebastian) Attacking/blocking is now possible while sprinting and jumping.
(Sebastian) Tree trunks are no longer affected by wind in order to prevent visual and hitbox issues.
(Sebastian) Surgeon kit’s now restore 25% of the health per usage.
(Sebastian) Disabled bleeding systems.
(Sebastian) Reworked fog for better quality, it now also affects clouds and the sky.
(Sebastian) Implemented a more physically based damage/armor system.
(Sebastian) Damage modifiers per body-part are now applied after armor reduction and are changed as follows; head = 200%, torso = 100%, limbs = 50%.
(Sebastian) Removed online level progression bar when using faction troops.
(Sebastian) Re-implemented the banner selection screen which allows to select all banners from existing online clans.
(Sebastian) When reloading cannons, the info box now shows which ramrod/refiller weapon mode is required on each reload-step.
(Sebastian) The surgeon hud now indicates health of wounded troops via colored icons, the icons now scale properly with distance.
(Sebastian) Nights are now twice as bright for better visibility.
(Sebastian) Added ladders, grenades and firepots to engineers inventory.
(Sebastian) Increased round shot ammo for cannons from 18 to 24.
(Sebastian) Doubled bullets per grape shot and halved the spread radius for more effective long range engagements.
(Sebastian) Decreased destructible wall hit points, so walls can be destroyed with fewer cannon balls or grenades.
(Sebastian) Implemented basic gold earning and equipment buy systems for players (when using faction troops). Gold earnings occur once per minute and include a fixed amount of gold + a bonus depending on score.
(Sebastian) Players using faction troops are now allowed to buy any game item by default. A server option can turn that off to only allow troop specific items.
(Sebastian) Optimized several systems for better performance.
(Sebastian) Item balance.
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