United Kingdom 2-18 Italy (Stage 2, Group D) Deadline 30/04/2011

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Group Stage 2, Group D
United Kingdom vs Italy

Map 1: Field by the River - Swadia vs Rhodoks
Map 2: Port Assault - Sarranids vs Rhodoks
The deadline for this match is 30/04/2011.

You can discuss anything related to the match in this topic. Referees can also post their availability in here. The result of the match should also be posted in this thread, preferably accompanied by screenshots, if possible.
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Yep, we accept the time. We'll also test your server (AB_Gamehosting right?) tomorrow night (you should test Lions_Den_UK as well), so we're able to discuss the server situation but I think it'll probably just be best to take a German server for the whole match.


Sergeant Knight
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crazyboy11 said:
Worst team I've ever played. I expected better of this tournament. Seriously disappointed.

Good game other England team! Nice match, 18-2 for Italy.