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Unban Request - The Boss

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Name i was using - (It is rather offensive and immature) Boss_Nigger
Servers i was banned from - Eu1
What was happening when i was banned - I was about to leave and change my name like requested after leaving a comment when i was banned...
Time and Date - 12 pm 16/08/12
Timezone - Gmt (Bst)
User identification number - I have next to no idea how to retrieve this :eek: If it is even my duty to do so..

Note - Although it may not be needed i feel as though i should be able too have my own input in the matter, Although i realise the severity of what i have done and also that the reason for the ban is more than justifyable, i feel that the ban came rather swiftly, perhaps too swiftly, i wasnt given near enough time to change my name. of course, this is my opinion and if the admin sees this differently then the last chunk of text is rather redundant.

Oh My Dayum

Oh, he's black, bad, scared of nothing, yeah! He's so bad. They call him boss; he's the boss; boss nigga. He's so bad, they call him boss. He's the boss; boss nigga.
Haha! its funny because i was also enspired by that movie, but it was more the theme song that had me going... Its hilarious
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