[UNAC S6] Quarter-finals!

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As most of you are aware, the regular season is officially over. Which marks the start of single-elimination, we decided to officially start quarter-finals scheduling on Tuesday, the 31st. For one reason; by the time week six ended, it just felt really tight to jump right into single-elimination, so we wanted to give teams some breathing room before doing so. So with no further ado, I'll explain how the quarter finals will go down. Here's what you need to know;

The official start date of the quarter finals is May 31st (Tuesday), however, you can start scheduling before that. We'll be strict with extensions, so try and follow a Tuesday to Tuesday schedule. So if you and your opponent can't agree to a date, get the admins involved.

Single-elimination will be using a pick and ban system for fixtures. We will be doing the official picks and bans process on Monday at 6PM (EST), I'll explain how said process works later on. However, if do not want to go through the official process if you want, you can do your picks and bans with your opponent via steam or skype. If you do decide to do that, you must PM the administrators your picks and bans or post them in this thread.

All picks and bans must be completed by the end of Tuesday, if you haven't completed your picks and bans by then, the admin team will randomize fixtures for your match.

Here's how the official picks and bans process will go down;

It will start on Monday the 30th, at 6PM (EST). We recommend that you study the map pool before starting.

  • Verloren
  • San'di'boush
  • Mountain Fortress
  • Legacy town
  • Milford
  • Desert town
  • Fort of Honor
  • Reveran Village
  • Field by the River
  • Castellum
  • Frosthaven
  • Hepburn Forest
  • Legacy plains
  • River Village

These will be the factions used for the quarter-finals;



Team A (which refers to the higher seeded team) has until 6PM (EST) to veto their first map. Then the process goes like this;
[list type=decimal]
[*]Team A makes first veto by 6PM EST
[*]Team B has 10 minutes to make their veto.
[*]Team A has 10 minutes to make their 2nd veto.
[*]Team B has 10 minutes to make their 2nd veto.
[*]Team A has 10 minutes to pick their map.
[*]Team B has 10 minutes to pick their map.
Should a team fail to make a veto in time, it will be treated as though they chose not to make one. Should a team fail to pick their map in time, their map choice will be randomly selected.


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RaTs versus RD will be this Saturday at 8pm EST

Roberta Baratheon: okay i will start by veto'ing sandi
Nero: i veto DT
Nero: i veto hep burn
Roberta Baratheon: veto field by the river
Roberta Baratheon: we will take reveran
Nero: Legacy Town

Good luck.


Sergeant Knight at Arms
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Can: ok i ban milford
Mad Dawg: verloren ban
Mad Dawg: frosthaven ban
Can: desert town ban
Mad Dawg:we pick field by the river
Can: we pick legacy plains
Can: gl hf friend
Mad Dawg: you too mate

KoA John

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GGs RD, good showing and good shots

You wont beat me at the tk game Kel, Im taking the gold baby  :fruity:


Il Padrino
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11 - 5 Rats win.

We were a bit confused on BladeCast because wasn't Rev village suppose to be played first?

wtb refs / admin for finals matches.


Knight at Arms
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2-3 RD
3-2 RaTs
3-0 RaTs
3-0 Rats

Total: 11-5 RaTs

I dont have screens just confirming the score for each round.


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Rake: we ban fbtr
Showtime: we'll ban legacy town
Showtime: we'll ban milford
Rake: we ban hepburn

Rake: yeah we pick Verloren
Showtime: We'll take Legacy Plains


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Arys: k, i ban legacy plains
Arys: your ban
Wappaw_ThePizza: sandiboush
Arys: i ban legacy town
Wappaw_ThePizza: ban hepburn
Arys: I pick verloren
Wappaw_ThePizza: pick field by the river
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