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Tweaks, Minimods & Translations
Nova Aetas

Do you want to change some settings of Nova Aetas to your own preferences? Or do you have your own minimod - ready to be shared with the community of Nova Aetas? This is the appropriate topic for these things. Below tweaks and translations should be savegame compatible unless otherwise stated. Minimods are not savegame compatible.


[!] - Steam users should look into ...\steamapps\workshop\content\48700\498482336\.

- Remove new hair textures (All versions)
Delete in ...\Warband\Modules\Nova Aetas\Textures.

- Remove font (All versions)
Delete in ...\Warband\Modules\Nova Aetas\Textures.
Delete font_data.xml in ...\Warband\Modules\Nova Aetas\Data.

- Change relation deterioration with kingdom noblemen (All versions)
If you really feel hatred against this feature, you can try below solution. However I really recommend not to edit the files. Just accept the challenge and kick those noble's butts.

1. Make a back-up of your savegame.
2. Make a back-up of scripts.txt in ...\Warband\Modules\Nova Aetas\.
3. Open this .txt file and search for:

kingdom_calculation -1
60 522 3 1224979098644774912 144115188075856287 201 4 0 30 2 1224979098644774912 63 1 4 936748722493063748 1 3 1 5 0 2147483680 2 1224979098644774912 57 1 4 936748722493063747 1 3 1 3 0 522 3 1224979098644774912 144115188075856287 200 4 0 30 2 1224979098644774912 33 1 4 936748722493063748 2 3 1 5 0 2147483680 2 1224979098644774912 27 1 4 936748722493063747 2 3 1 3 0 522 3 1224979098644774912 144115188075856287 202 4 0 30 2 1224979098644774912 13 1 4 936748722493063748 3 3 1 5 0 2147483680 2 1224979098644774912 7 1 4 936748722493063747 3 3 1 3 0 522 3 1224979098644774913 144115188075856287 200 2136 3 1224979098644774914 -5 6 2105 2 144115188075857096 1224979098644774914 4 0 30 2 1224979098644774913 35 2105 2 144115188075857096 5 3 0 4 0 32 2 144115188075857096 100 2133 2 144115188075857096 100 5 0 2147483678 2 144115188075857096 0 2133 2 144115188075857096 0 3 0 4 0 2133 2 144115188075857291 0 2147483678 2 144115188075857258 7 2123 3 72057594037927936 144115188075857179 1000 2108 2 72057594037927936 2 2105 2 144115188075857180 72057594037927936 2133 2 144115188075857291 0 4 0 30 2 144115188075857180 1000 2106 2 144115188075857180 1000 2105 2 144115188075857258 1 2133 2 144115188075856193 864691128455135513 2133 2 144115188075857291 1 3 0 3 0 2319 1 0 6 3 1224979098644774915 360287970189640034 360287970189640248 2173 2 1224979098644774916 1224979098644774915 31 2 1224979098644774916 432345564227567635 1 4 936748722493063669 360287970189639680 1224979098644774915 -5 3 0 1106 1 1585267068834415381

4. Replace the marked piece by: '0'

- Change renting out values for residents (v1.4 and lower only)
1. Go to ...\Warband\Modules\Nova Aetas\
2. Make back-up of menus.txt
3. Open this file, find:

2107 2 72057594037927936 40 2108 2 72057594037927936 1000  Rent_out_for_{reg0}_Fl./wk

Change this to anything you want. Current 40 represents 40% of standard weekly rent costs.
Be careful. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your game.

[!] - Any change to this will only happen to new rented out residents.

- Make your game start faster (All versions)
Make your game start significantly faster by disabling reading the grand Basilica model.

1. Open module.ini in ...\Warband\Modules\Nova Aetas\.
2. Replace load_mod_resource = Special_props by #load_mod_resource = Special_props
3. Do not try to enter the grand Basilica scene or you'll face an error.


Dragonchampion's - Remove Trade Good Rarity (v5.0 only)

So, after playing around with this mod for a while, I realized that the capability of a submod isn't only for those that know coding. So, opening up some of my editor programs, I did some work on something I was quite frustrated with: The trade good Rarity.

This causes everything to be a guess; the amount to buy for, the amount to sell for, unless you are willing to remember the prices of 3-4 different types of every single trade resource. So, what I did is completely remove trade resource rarity such as Fine, Well-Made and such, reducing them to simple normal trade goods once more. Finally, trade is viable again! This also means that it removes the Fine and such labelers for Timber, Stone and Tools, which I found pointless because they don't give bonus points when you stick them in the stock of a colony or building.

FOR IN-PROGRESS SAVES: You pretty much have to wait. It won't create any "new" ranked trade goods, but the old ones will remain there until the shop refreshes.

~~To Install~~

1. Download
2. Navigate to your Mount and Blade installation (SteamApps/Common/MountBlade Warband/)
3. Go to "Modules"
4. Click on your Nova Aetas folder
5. Right click your current "item_kinds1.txt" and rename it to "item_kinds1archive.txt"
6. Stick in the downloaded one
7. Play and enjoy!

Quintillius for making such a great mod
Taleworlds for making Mount and Blade Warband
Morgh's for his amazing editor


Russian - Arkada82 and Northmen - v3.0.1

French - Lolitablue - v2.0.1

French - Daneel53 - v5.0

Spanish - Celian d'Arestide & PiojoPOD - v5.0!849zxI6S!LpkuASrMn0_3bPX6u6hiZ8Dw3SjFIujeU_HAMFdFa_Q

Spanish - Celian d'Arestide & PiojoPOD - v4.1!AxVAELTY!PwsGwvnigfzZy7UhiKGgDc4I5ASqvseTcckswbnl21U

Spanish - PiojoPOD - v4.0

Spanish - PiojoPOD (Caballeros de Calradia) - v3.0

Czech - Alassecarme

Portuguese - Scimitar / Pandemas
Also for who doesn't like the low accuracy, reloading time or single shot Muskets there is a tutorial which works also with this mod (I tested).

I made a musket that can shoot like 6 shots before reloading and changed the ammo numbers, and then I gave my loyal soldiers this new incredible gun! And they became Semi-auto rifleman shooters massacring everyone xD
GhostBlackMor said:
I made a musket that can shoot like 6 shots before reloading and changed the ammo numbers, and then I gave my loyal soldiers this new incredible gun! And they became Semi-auto rifleman shooters massacring everyone xD

To each his own, but this really kills the game. It takes the fun out of it, in my opinion.

If you haven't played Red Wars, that would probably suit your fancy much better.
Nova Aetas's first minimod!  :iamamoron:
This minimod changed the animations, staff, poleaxe, etc have the ability to overswing again. While pikes and spears have the ability to overhead thurst. Take a look at the screenshots for example.
That, as you can see. Is a poor peasant with a staff, going in for an overswing.
And this, is a peasant pikeman with his trophy going in for an overhead thrust.
Download link :
PS any opinions are very welcomed.
However, Quint there is another thing that makes me wonder. You changed the animation of overswing spear, so staff etc uses overswing spear as overhead thurst. Doesn't that mean that it will deal blunt damage? Because seeing how ridiculous the amount of damage dealt :shock:

EDIT: It seems most polearm swings from right and left as a two handed, going to change it. Finished!
Maybe I will add a proper musket reloading animation, but it probably means that I have to take the anim from others, which I rather not.
I have a question regarding font. Some folks at Polish forum might slowly tranlate this mod, but mod's font does not inlude Polish diacritical marks. I know how to modify font to add them but I don't know how to get font from the mod and bring it back(I suppose the changes cannot be done on font files in the mod's files).

Could you(Quintillius or other team member) help me with that?
it seem to be impossible in this mod.

But i think near every companion have another than he like.
Thus they wouldn't be discouraged...if you find them.
And stop to complaint.

Sooo I went to go to the modules folder to remove the font only to find that the folder is not there. I can still play the mod just fine but i just cant see the folder. Any suggestions?
Ah Steam installs the mod in a different location. Try this way:

- Remove font (Steam version)
Delete in ...\steamapps\workshop\content\48700\498482336\Textures\
Delete font_data.xml in ...\steamapps\workshop\content\48700\498482336\Data\
Nope, the items need to be tweaked again and I need to change something from action.txt of v3.01
I'll update it when I have the time :wink:
I want to increase village recruitment numbers and reduce merchant item  replenish time.

Thanks in advance
where is the german translation? I can´t find it  :sad: I read this (+Varsung+ (German translation)) and jumped naked around and kiss everybody on the streets. Now I´m out of the prison and wanted to play Nova Aetas in German.
(Sorry for my horrible english^^)
Hello Quintillius,

I'm thoroughly sorry, but I do not have the time to finish / restart the German translation for your awesome mod (I've had it 90% completed and then I lost the file...) as I'm having an important exam at least every other week and as my personal life is getting more demanding.

I wish you the very best for your mod and for any future projects. You've done an amazing job.

May someone have the time and the stamina to fully translate your mod into the beautiful German language.



Perhaps you want to take over the work and create a German translation?
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