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First, I absolutely love this mod. Its the best by far. There is only one thing I miss in this mod and what I saw in Floris evolved and that is enemy/ally HP bars. It takes a bit realism of the game but I just like to see how much DMG I do. Especially during sieges. Is there any easy way to fit in this little enchancement?

Hey all. I'm afraid I'm not mod savvy but I've noticed after a good time in game that all the NPCs (lord or lady) ends up crazy, senile, disloyal, ugly, or fat. I know they're supposed to have a mix of good and bad traits but it seems like nearly everyone has these. Hard to see a 20 year old lady of the realm going senile. Is there any way to mod and rebalance the negative character traits so that they either fit the character demographics better or are just less common? These things can't apply to everyone, and it makes it hard to find a suitable person to marry or ally with.

Thanks everyone for your awesome work. I really admire it and kind of wish I could do that kind of thing.
Good luck everyone.
How do you remove the graphics changes? After installing this mod, it's given all my other modules the same look with extra bloom & such.
lordsolo said:
French translation link does't work, maybe someone can give me a good one please?

Je suppose que tu es un Frenchie! sinon tu ne demanderais pas cette traduction en français, hé, hé!

Va voir ce lien, Fichiers fr nova Aesta

Mon site a été supprimé sans raison apparente, il me faut trouver un autre hébergeur gratuit!

Voilà un peu de français au beau milieu de tout cet anglais!

Hi, @Quintillius, thank you for making this mod. Its by far the most detailed mod I have ever played and I am loving it. However, I would like to tweak the number of custom soldiers trained from my towns. I want to train more of them in lesser intervals.

Is there any way I can tweak that in menus.txt or simple_triggers.txt so that I can train MORE THAN 10 (preferably 20) at one time. And change the time they take like to 15 days??

Thank you.
Portuguese translation upcoming thanks to Pandemas from ModdB!

Hello Quintillius, my name is Roger.

I'm a mount & blade casual, and I played your mod.

I am native portuguese fluent in english, and I semi-translated the "Hispânia 1200" mod wich I didn't release or finish due to personal problems.

I would like to know if you're interested in a translation to portuguese (PT-PT not PT-BR).

It can be free or paid for. (Of course that changes amount of time needed depending on what you may choose)

Kind regards,


B-but you can train soldiers already in multiplied amounts. Just build the castle/keep/citadal to make more slots free. Every free recruitment slot will work all time. So you
don't need to wait before slot 1 is finished to make slot 2 start training.

Hi @Quintillius, and thanks for the extraordinary Mod you made. Really extraordinary. In any case, you need someone who will help you to translate this wonderful Mod in Italian Language?

I have a very good comprehension of English language, and I would like to collaborate to make this mod even more beautiful than it is already. If you need an Italian translator, I volunteer.
But i am not practical about the world of Mod.

I can learn if you give me a brief explanation, or a post on TaleWorlds Entertainment forum that explains the proper procedures for going to translate the Mod. I remain available, and if you want it, send me a private message or even reply directly here.

Thanks for your attention, and above all, again congratulations for the beautiful Mod, the best I've ever played.
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