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We have provided this central board that acts as a showcase for all on-going events and allows tournament & event organizers to display their "Main" or "Sign-up" thread there. This will provide a regular forum user or a visitor with quick and easy access to all on-going events.

You are expected and encouraged to use the correct prefixes for threads (maximum 4 prefixes per thread allowed):
- Location: EU, NA, SA, OCE, CN, INT, Other
- Type: Skirmish, Captain, Siege, Duel, TDM, Other
- Stage: Open, In-progress, Completed

The optimal expected choice would be :
a.) 1-2 Location prefixes (INT prefix also covers more than 1 location)
b.) 1 Type prefix
c.) 1 Stage prefix

You will be able to swap between some of these prefixes as time progresses and the "Stage" of your event changes.

Concluded one-thread events (non-recurring but with iterations like #1, #2,...) will be moved straight to the "completed" subboard. A single event/tournament can only have one "Live" thread in these boards.

If more threads are needed, you're encouraged to create a group.

Let's take a look at some existing examples and how this works with the new system:
The BEAST tournament has multiple threads. The sign-up thread would be posted under Tournaments & Events -> Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. The main tournament organization would happen directly in their group that they could promote directly through the Sign-up thread via the BB code (explained here).
Bannerlord Draft Cup [BDC]
Since this was a tournament that didn't require multiple threads, no group creation was needed. Should a similar event occur again, a sign-up thread would be posted under Tournaments & Events -> Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. The thread would act both as a showcase for the event, present rules, allow players to sign-up and present the results when the event concludes.
Call to Arms Friday Bannerlord event
This is a weekly reoccurring event. As such, the event thread would be kept in the Tournaments & Events -> Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord board. If a reoccurring event stopped operating, it would be moved to the "Completed" board.

Some resources for tournament administrators are:

Checkout also the Bannerlord Community Interviews & Articles thread
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