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Her Flamboyance, the Calipha
mcwiggum said:
This Murat chap seems like abit of a poof.

This sword is actually relatively austere for Murat.  :lol: Anyways, I still think he was a decent guy overall. Docm has his own opinions on him however, but we're all entitled to our differences.  :razz:

BerserkerRezo said:
Amazing swords! Sir from what culture are they? Islamic, hindu?

Well, as the folks up above mentioned, he was appointed as King of Naples, after marrying Napoleon's sister. He however was from France, particularly the province of Gascony, which is particularly famous (or infamous) for its fiery and proud men. Now the source I got it from didn't provide the date nor manufacturer, so whether it was produced in France or Naples is a little up in the air unless someone knows something more about this particular piece.


EomarthofRohan said:
plese relees teh daet wen it com oot

I'm sure its people like you that give developers the drive they need to get up every morning and dedicate hundreds of hours of their personal time into building something they expect little to no compensation for.
BerserkerRezo said:
Amazing swords! Sir from what culture are they? Islamic, hindu?

That odd-looking sword is one of the few weapons that belonged to Murat that wasn't of a middle-eastern design. It just looks like typical 'empire' styling.

By the way, that Narnian flag in your signature is really melting my eyes.
I would really love being able to earn medals/being part of an order. I imagine allready waring a fany austrian general uniform with a Military Order of Maria Theresa and the Order of the Golden Fleece. That would look great :grin:
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