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The importance of Steam reviews and post hype clarity

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This is just a small reminder that you should give this game a steam review, if you havent already done so. if you already have done so then you can still change it. I am not suggesting to you that you have to change it to a negative review but i am sure most of you know what to do.

If we want the devs to hear our message and see the problems of the game, with the same eyes as we do, then we should make a statement via steam reviews. Some dev on the forum once said that everything is going fine and that the proof of that are the steam reviews. The next logical thing to do would be show the Taleworlds devs via Steam reviews that everything is not going fine at all.

Most of the steam reviews got written in the first couple of weeks, when Bannerlord was released. This was still in the hype phase of Bannerlord and thus the community reacted overly positive, just because they were able to play the game without judging objectively whether the game is even good. Now that we can all see more clearly on what is going on and what is going wrong, we should use the opportunity to write objective reviews.

Tutorial, how to write a steam review:

1. log in to your steam account, go to library, click on "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord".

2. Click on Shoppage .

3. Right underneath the game showcase window you can write a review give a thumb down/up. (in my case i took Monster Hunter World as example game).

4. Press on Publish review and finish.

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We had a thread pop up trying to brigade people into review-bombing on Steam already. Know that this is against the forum's rules as well as Steam's terms of service. Saying "oh but I'm not really telling you to do this :iamamoron:" doesn't absolve you.
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