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I have fixed my issue with HDR. I can now use it again. Still, it's hard to make screenshots because this mod adds an extremely annoying cohesion report. Secondly, I didn't have edit-mode on so I removed the health-bars by copy pasting stuff over them. If you look carefully you might see this.  :neutral:





I still use SoftHDR in conjunction with 2 different HDR settings I picked up somewhere. The settings are somewhere in Expanded Gameplay screenies. Page 3 or 4 I think. I don't really think it looks realistic at all xD But opinions differ. I just like it for the epic screenshots it makes for.







All the shots I made for Chaos-War are in Dusk I noticed. This makes them a very-bit brown. :/ You shouldn't play with these settings during night. You won't see a thing. xD Also, the HDR causes the snow on map to become 100% white. It hurts the eyes.
@Sev yeah thats all hdr settings but softhdr is quite deadly in their fps taking. T_T
great shots speically like the one wiht the guys head in it he seems battle worn and weary
Wu-long said:
@Sev yeah thats all hdr settings but softhdr is quite deadly in their fps taking. T_T
Yep :razz: That's true. Did you try my enbseries settings yet? They're a bit less FPS than softHDR enbseries.
nah just luckey shots xD
I also have multipul video's on my Xfire page
Yeah i like to take on the big armies and just run around them shootin arrows and doing ALOT of training.
It would take me forever to reach level 40. For one reason i don't even spend that much time on mount&blade. I play several different games not to mention 3 modules on mount&blade. I have who knows how many but i only play 3 main ones so i should delete the others soon just haven't gotten to it.
Ive pawned an Lord and it looks Very funny after that Ill post picture Warning big picture
And the Lord attacke me agein with half more troops then i have and this heppends Big picture
This is what happens BEfore you get captured by 2 lords teaming on me

Edit: Can anyone tell me where i can upload a nice picture that wont be that big?
nice pictures, never seen such a big and circular pile of bodies.

To reduce the massive size of screen-shots, you can reduce them when uploading to photobucket or others. if not you can reduce size in photomanager
I noticed that your character sometimes looses his head while in edit mode.
It would be nice to make some kind of headless knight, hero or lord.
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