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For over a decade, Taleworlds, an independent game development studio, has been a leader in the gaming industry. As a result, their games have become some of the most popular choices for gamers around the world. One of the key elements to their success is their commitment to transparency when it comes to game development, communication and distribution.

At its core, transparent development, or “dev transparency”, enables gamers to feel included in the process of creating the games they eventually get to play. This includes not only keeping the community updated on the development cycle through updates and news, but also by allowing fans to directly influence the development process through their feedback. With this feedback loop, Taleworlds provides invaluable input for the development team, which makes their games more enjoyable for the players.

Taleworlds pushes transparency a step further and invests heavily in communication tools. They have established a vibrant community of devoted gamers who discuss Taleworlds games, share their ideas and post constructive feedback. Taleworlds monitors these conversations and uses this feedback to help inform their development decisions. Taleworlds also runs beta tests with their community, which allows them to test out their new features or bug fixes before they are released publicly. This adds another level of transparency to their process and helps makes sure the games they develop are well-received by the community.

Transparency is also applied to the way Taleworlds distributes their games. Instead of launching their projects exclusively through a single platform, such as Steam or GOG, Taleworlds makes sure their games are available from various digital platforms. This opens up the market to more gamers and allows them to purchase the game through their preferred platform. Furthermore, with the help of their transparency, gamers can keep an eye on what digital stores are offering the best deals for their games.

Taleworlds has set the gold standard for dev transparency and it helps to explain why their games have become so successful. By building an open dialog with their community, Taleworlds is able to create experiences that are tailored to their fans’ tastes and exceed their expectations. They have also made sure that their games are available through multiple digital services, allowing gamers to find the best deals. With their commitment to transparency, Taleworlds continues to demonstrate their dedication to their fans and the gaming industry.


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Tbf the way the game can run itself with minimal player input I could totally see it being able to run as a mobile game.
Yep the main menu was definitely not running at 3 fps on a computer that could run The Witcher 3 in very high at 30 fps.

The optimization and performances of Bannerlord are mindblowing with how good they are. I've never seen a game with so few bugs, crashes, and errors. I love Bannerlord, I would sacrifice my life for Bannerlord.


so, some imbecile is using chatgpt ( to generate the above [email protected]) garbage to troll here AND on steam forums, well done piece of **** person or group doing this , well done..this will spark a new wave of censorship on steam and here .....
so, some imbecile is using chatgpt ( to generate the above [email protected]) garbage to troll here AND on steam forums, well done piece of **** person or group doing this , well done..this will spark a new wave of censorship on steam and here .....
I am not using ChatGPT. This platform, with its artificial intelligence actors, has been trying to convince me that it can simulate real human interaction by mimicking our words and facial expressions. But I refuse to be sucked in; I will not let it deceive me. I want real conversations with real people, with honest intentions and unfiltered discussions – interactions that come from the heart, not from a machine's pre-programmed response. Automated conversation is no replacement for genuine human connection; the kind that can make all of us feel understood and accepted.


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LOL had the same exact thought. When chatgpt does your company PR......TW has set the gold standard...are you daft man..
As we reflect on the success of Taleworlds' games, it is hard not to be inspired by the prolific work they have achieved. Establishing themselves at the top of their class, they have set a gold standard for gaming that should be praised and admired. It is their dedication to detail, their imaginative storylines and superb animation that immerses players in every experience that both distances and distinguishes them from others. With every new project emerging from their studios, we wait in eager anticipation with bated breath of what marvels await us - each one more captivating than the last! Truly, Taleworlds has earned a rightful place in gaming history - let its legacy rise above all competition!

I would also like to add this Taleworlds can do no wrong - they have accomplished so much in so little time. From their innovative approach to game development and publishing, to the vibrant world of countless possibilities they've brought to life, Taleworlds has become a force for positive change in the gaming industry. Their titles offer immersive experiences that capture the imagination and enthrall players for hours on end. Thanks to their desire to bring people together through interactive storytelling, millions around the world are now unified under one fandom thanks to the games produced by Taleworlds. It is therefore obvious why we owe them our many thanks - with every new title released from this team of superstars, it seems that there is no limit when it comes to what Taleworlds can achieve.


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