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Suggestions/Mod Ideas.

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These are some ideas that I would love to see implemented either by taleworlds or mods, please note I have not been able to play Bannerlord singleplayer due to my computer breaking right before release, my knowledge on it just stems from warband combined with the videos of Bannerlord gameplay I have watched. If I could actually have been playing Bannerlord I could have gone more into detail.
Also I don't know how ambitious or unrealistic these mods would actually be, I just hope something like them is actually able to be made.

-AI Lords being able to appoint generals to command their armies, not having to partake in fighting themselves. It makes no sense for every Lord/King to be a commander in battle, or to even wear armor in some occassions. Like Lucon and other lords that are more inclined towards stewardship.
----Maybe being able to be a commander/general for one of those lords, by the use of a mod similar to freelancer in warband.

----I think that if these non commander lords are caught while travelling and forced to be in battle, then they should be at a far off side of the map away from the battle and surrounded by high tier guards.

----Have something similar be expanded to the player, which would make sense specially in the later stages of the game. The ability to maybe split off your party, put one of your companions in command and tell them where to go or what to do, like patrolling your castle with your men while you just chill inside. Or, if you have enough men to form multiple armies with, splitting up into 3-4 parties, and still having control of where the other parties go. Being able to battle against different armies at the same time.

-From what I have seen so far, Lords just charge in like every other soldier to die. I feel like there should be more tactful types that just stand back behind their lines, also with some guards around them.

-Making attacks have a chance of being unblockable depending on how strong the attacker is versus the defender. I think this could work by having a new stat called "strength", and when taken into account with the weapons chosen (like a double handed axe vs a dagger), and the weapon specialty, it will have a certain percentage chance to be unblockable. Maybe some weird mathematical equation between those factors to determine what troops are actually strong/skilled enough to block the attack.
----And of course making the characters like Garios- who are known for their prowess in battle, to be very strong.

-This one is just a bit of a meme one: Making lords and the player insanely strong, being able to kill multiple troops in a single strike and being very fast, as well as being unblockable against weak troops. Like in Kingdom manga if anyone has read that.
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