Steam Deck BattlEye support

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When, or if, we can expect battleye support for Valve's Steam Deck ?

Right now it's impossible to play multiplayer which personally is major obstacle which prevent me from buying this game.


Definitely hope so as well! The game already runs very well on single-player with Proton, so I think there shouldn't be any issue with enabling support on Battleye for the Deck.


I don't think this is related to Taleworlds but BattleEye is confirmed for Steam Deck ( ~18 days ago ) so it's fairly new and don't think they even published that version yet.

That being said, how well Bannerlord Singleplayer runs on Steam Deck? Can someone who owns both show a small video/fps demonstration?
I'm genuinely interested in Steam Deck performance for non-linux-optimized games
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