Spectator camera improvement?

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Muzzle C

Sergeant Knight
Hello people!

I enjoy recording warband multiplayer videos.
However the spectator camera could be improved for the sake of filming purposes.
I wish the spectator camera would have these following features:

-Possibility to move camera straight up or down, as you can do in edit mode
-Possibility to change the camera moving speed
-Accelerated camera moving (So that the camera wouldn't immediately start moving when pressed move button, but instead have a small acceleration from 0 to full speed. Same applies when stopping moving)
-Smooth camera direction change (When changing the movement direction the camera would move on a small arc instead of sharp cornering. The arc radius should be bigger/smaller according to camera moving speed)

I don't know if anyone has made similar to this before. At least i couldn't find anything on the forums.
I am also wondering if it's even possible to do this so, that it would be native multiplayer compatible.
It could be possible that server has got something to do with spectator camera also..
Can you champion modders share your knowledge with me?  :smile:

Muzzle C

Sergeant Knight
I have another option for my needs..
A dynamic movement usable by analog controller such as ps3 controller.
What i mean by this, is that you could control the movement speed dynamically by your analog sticks = push stick just a little > move slowly.
I am willing to try modding something like this or the previous, but not sure if it's possible.

Correct me if this or previous is impossible because of hardcoding.


Code Pope
Warband has some compatibility with gamepad controllers, but the movements you want to interpret probably will be mapped to mouse instead.
key_xbox_a              = 0xf0
key_xbox_b              = 0xf1
key_xbox_x              = 0xf2
key_xbox_y              = 0xf3
key_xbox_dpad_up        = 0xf4
key_xbox_dpad_down      = 0xf5
key_xbox_dpad_right     = 0xf6
key_xbox_dpad_left      = 0xf7
key_xbox_start          = 0xf8
key_xbox_back           = 0xf9
key_xbox_rbumber        = 0xfa
key_xbox_lbumber        = 0xfb
key_xbox_ltrigger       = 0xfc
key_xbox_rtrigger       = 0xfd
key_xbox_rstick         = 0xfe      
key_xbox_lstick         = 0xff
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