SOUND Problem with M&B warband

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There was a sound problem that drove me crazy these last 2 months...and apparently noone else had it.
If some of you did, this is the solution:

In the mount and blade settings file, located under (User/Documents/Mount&Blade Warband), there is a settings file called "rgl_config.txt". In this file is a variable called "use_winmm_audio". By changing this value from 1 to 0, the crackling was gone.
I'm not quite sure what this value is, but if someone could explain it to me that would be useful. That is, the "use_winmm_audio" value.

-Special thx to: Cayne Los Angeles, California -

Hope I made the day of some of U guys, have fun with my Mod, take care and
STAY TUNED! :smile: