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Sergeant at Arms
There are too many and disorderly grasslands inside many towns, especially on the main road and on both sides of the city gate, which are too high and cover the gatekeepers, which is not in line with the actual situation of people coming and going. It should be removed. In addition, when the grass sways back and forth with the wind, it becomes too stiff and unrealistic, and should be improved. The weather system requires rain to wet the body, and the rain is not enough to feel it, and special effects need to be strengthened. At night, some towns may not have a moon or create a circular texture. Stars also need dynamic clouds to cover them, and the moon needs to be bright and dark, far and near,There are haziness and roundness, and characters always collide with each other on the streets, requiring more intelligence. Although towns are large, they lack vitality and remain unchanged. Let's continue to improve。In addition, in many towns during winter, the road surface is always blue, especially when wood exposes blue textures and normals. The modeling of character faces has improved compared to before and looks more realistic. But the expression changed too quickly during and after the conversation with the player, without excessive expression. There are too few places and stories to explore in the town, without a sense of dynamism, which wastes these beautiful town castles. There are too many trees in the village, and there is no planning at all. It is just a deception, and further improvement is needed.
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