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I would recommend playing a faction you're not fond of for the duration of EA, as your saves may not survive patches during the dev process. I wouldn't commit to a character too much considering the context.
I would recommend playing a faction you're not fond of for the duration of EA, as your saves may not survive patches during the dev process. I wouldn't commit to a character too much considering the context.

You're talking to someone who's only played Rhodok/Swadian for the last 11 years. Ain't happening.
Name of the character : Naif
I want to build Naif dynasty
Maybe I will join to Aserai
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Hamil as always, and I don't have a particular favorite faction, when I get to the point of power I kinda of assimilate like the smart conquerors in their hey-day.
Anyone have any thoughts on what their first character name will be and what faction they'll join? I'm looking to have a Vlandian play-through first, but I'm unsure of what my (male) character's name will end up being.

I was considering using this list { ) as King Derthert has an English name. Thoughts?

Battania, and as for a name, I'm split based on a little pregame family tree I generated. It'll be one of these fellows:

Gwalder fen Folcar

The eldest of his clan's "current generation". He looks after his kinsmen and arbitrates disputes. He's a likeable soul with a pleasant, inviting personality, but his charisma masks a cunning mind. I'd play him in a bit more of a nuanced manner. Maybe a merchant, or otherwise a military leader who puts more focus on making connections to wield against his enemies than he does fighting himself. A real top-level thinker who sees the big picture.

Morcan fen Folcar

Gwalder's younger brother. After losing his mother to a raid while he was still young, he picked up a virulent hatred for the criminal scum of Calradia. He hunts raiders, brigands, and all their ilk with a single mind, but as he grows to enjoy cutting them down more and more, he risks falling into the raider mentality himself. I'd probably, at the outset, play him more traditionally than the others: Hunt raiders and brigands obsessively until I have sufficient renown to join Battania officially.

Rakon fen Folcar

The elderman of Clan fen Folcar at the time of game start. The son of a Battanian warrior and a Sturgian woman brought back from a looted village, he is the uncle (by another woman) of the brothers above. He was first called "Domnall's Bastard", but earned the name "Little Wolf" after proving himself a mighty addition to the clan's armed forces. With a swift axe and a cunning mind for strategy, he practically conquered the respect right out of his legitimate kinsmen. Married Raganvad's cousin after she fled his increasingly tyrannical reign. For him, I'd play a very purposeful campaign. He'd be starting older, so I'd be securing heirs as soon as possible (since I doubt I can just magic the two to follow into existence, mechanically) and making a hard push towards renown from early on.

Cormag fen Folcar

Son of Rakon, and the first of a pair of twins born to him. Cormag fully embraces his Sturgian heritage and fights with fiery abandon, eager to prove that his blood makes him mighty be default. He doesn't seek fortune, nor change, nor conquest or even security. He just wants to show his enemies that he's the greatest warrior Battania has ever seen. He's not necessarily right, of course, and may well get himself killed. For Cormag, I'd probably end up playing in a more direct fashion, trying to be up in the melee whenever possible and leaving command to others. I can see him getting wise in his old age if he lives long enough, though, so this style may shift slowly over time. I might also go for a mercenary style if I play him, hiring out to the highest bidder (if possible).

Caegel fen Folcar

The "younger" twin brother of Cormag. He's more of a tactician. He behaves prudently and sees it his duty to make sure his brother doesn't get himself killed. His sense of caution borders on paranoia and he doesn't like to get right in the fighting as a result. His method is to think about all the ways he and his men could die, and direct his men in such a way as to avoid them. I'd probably play him more historically, sitting on a hill and commanding the action from a vantage point as opposed to diving into every fight myself. Might give him a bow or some javelins and engage that way, though...

I have a lot to consider over the next few hours.
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