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say cheese

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start your own say cheese thread I'm no longer a member here

Official Say Cheese Guidelines

1) Don't say "cheese". And don't post pictures of cheese.

2) No spam pictures. All pictures posted in this thread must be relevant to you, your life or your activities. We have other threads for Funny Pictures, Photo Contests and general photography.

3) Be courteous when commenting on the pictures of others. Insults about another user's appearance will not be tolerated.

4) Do not post other forumers' pictures without prior permission. Do not take pictures from other forumers' social networking sites and post them here unless you have the express permission of the person in question.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in you receiving a warning, mute or possibly even a ban from the mod/admin team. This list may be expanded as and when the need arises.



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Looks like an axe wound :shock:

Old pic, when I had dreadlocks, bout 2 1/2 years ago.

I'm the one on the right, my sis is on the left :smile:


Ingolifs said:
What on earth happened to your shoulder?

car accident same thig caused the scar in the neck and on the arm (if you look closely you see it.)

EDIT: youre suposed to notice the BLING BLING in that picture not the scars :lol: I payd a lot of money for that the bracelet is called a kings bracelet and louix 14 was the first who wore one of those)


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ooo a pics thread, yay!


I'm sober, I shaved, and i'm wearing clothing. So ofcourse I took a picture.


at first I only saw red X and no pictures. then I went to the url and now I can see the pictures. you dye your hair?


Done, that was quite gay. And Imageshack seems to be down too so I can't put them there either

Edit: Imageshacks back so i fixed the images


Hmm, interesting thread; but I don't know if I actually want to post a pic just yet being still relatively new.
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