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[SaveEditor] WarBender - savegame editor [released/1.0.4]

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I can't seem to get my save game to load. I'm playing POP but there is no module for it where the Native, VC, or NW modules are. Its in an entirely different directory, listed only as numbers (in a steamapp workshop folder). When I try to load my save I direct it to open the module where it is located, but an error says no metadata found and would I like to use Native instead? If I select yes to use Native, another error pops up saying there was an error loading my save due to leftover unparsed data. If I don't select use Native, it just closes. I'm just not sure how to get this to work.
Copy paste the whole number-folder module of steam workshop into your other "normal" folder and rename it to POP. Then do your save edits.
I moved it over, and named it POP (also tried naming it Prophesy of Pendor) and it still says it cant load my save game. Still says there's no metadata for module.
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