SP - General RTS camera/ Distinguished service mod should be in base game

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I'm playing with RTS camera mod and I believe many of you agree with
1. Allow me to control one of my troops after I fall in battle (although i never use this function but this one is good addition to the base game)
2. The main reason to use this mod is that it allows me to control one of my companions, why, now I can use him/her to train up riding, bow, 3 combat skill very easily just by form a shield wall against 30 looters and swinging weapon while they pay attention on my troops
3. Combine with the distinguished service mod. If you want a companion to fill the captain role, just pick a T6 troop ex: Cataphract with 200+ 1h/polearm and start killing the number require (setting at will)
Lastly an option to respec clan members attr/focus points is everyone's expect
I don't think this should be in the base game. I remember the same talk about Prophesy of Pendor and the devs of that absolutley mod also refused to add such a feature into their mod despite many people clamoring for it. They said it does not fit with the spirit of their game. Which I think is true for the base game of Bannerlord as well.

Not that I am judging, but this is basically very easy mode.
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