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ROCK Posting Rules and Guidelines


These rules have been established to aid participants and spectators of the ROCK campaign in properly communicating on the ROCK Child Board.  Please adhere to these rules and ask for clarification of said rules before posting if your post legitimacy is in question.  Disregard for these rules will be reported to forum administrators at the Moderation Team's discretion to be dealt with as such a forum administrator sees fit.



Established Rules:
- Ensure your post is in the proper thread for relevance and context.  All irrelevant posts will be seen as spam and treated as such.
- All forms of trolling, thread derailment, or purposeful off-topic are not allowed.
- Negative Inter-clan or Clan to Clan relations shall not be discussed in the Rock Child Board.
- Allegations, discrepancies, or discontent about the results of a ROCK match or participating Clan's actions are not to be posted in any thread in this board.  All serious situations of this type should be forwarded in a PM to the ROCK Administrators for review with proper evidence of noncongruency to ROCK Campaign Rules.
- While your creativity is appreciated by the ROCK Team, the original intent and purity of campaign thought process is a high priority.  Please refrain from providing suggestions or potential rule modifications.  If your opinion must be known, please provide it via PM to a ROCK Administrator.
- Please recognize, respect, and adhere to any direct instruction given to you by a ROCK Moderator in regards to posting in this Child Board.
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