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RGL Error [Help is needed urgently]

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Sergeant Knight
I'm just copy-pasting this from another board. But it's quite urgent, so I do need help with it.

I did a search and didn't find anyone else with this problem, and or got any help with it.
Thing is, I copied my mod to make a backup, changed it's name and the main.bmp file. Then suddenly I get this error when loading the game (reaching Loading Data).

I tried changing back to the way it was before, but it still brawls with me. Anyone know where something might have went wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Sergeant Knight
well if you have it, it'd be great. I don't think you do though.

I found some ****-ups in a file. I'll spend my future 48 hours fixing that.


Master Knight
Hmm, I thought it was a BRF file, beginning with: ani_... But it isn't =(.

I think there is something going wrong with animations...
I suggest you should take a look at these sites:

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