[REQUEST] Game needs official admin tools and linux support for servers finished

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Hello, this is a request and not a bug report. Posting here since this board is most suited for this kind of request.

Bannerlord needs Taleworlds to delegate a dev or a team to finish basic admin tools (logging in with admin password, commands to ban people etc) as well as finish server files for linux (they are not finished and incomplete). It is not very urgent, but a proper game needs these implemented and it shouldn't be too hard to do

The current workarounds are very limited. We have outdated this https://github.com/mentalrob/ChatCommands for chat commands and we have wine for running a game server on a linux server using windows server files. Sadly when you use wine you wont be able to use mentalrob's chatcommands.

There is a ton of games which implemented that in the past 30 years, including warband, so there is a ton of material to help out the dev who will be delegated for this task. Succeeding at it will make it much easier for smaller communities to grow and have their first nice experience with bannerlord multiplayer.

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