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[Released] Small Text Fixes for svn Revision 45

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This is a minor text mod that unfortunately comes with no support and is based off of the svn revision 45 text files. They are meant to be useful to anyone who wants them, and to see if DrThomas can use them in the next revision. Here is what the mod adds in the hopes of cutting some work-load off of the good doctor:

Greatly pruned the text-files of referrences to Calradia. Such as Calradia itself, it's towns, factions, customs and so on.

Reduced logic errors referring to the map/game world as 'Europe' only, when in fact it spans Europe, Africa and Asia. It now uses the term 'the known world' and the like.

Reduced referrences to 'Kingdoms', when it could be referring to an Empire, an Emirate, a Sultanate, a Duchy or even a Republic. It will instead use terms like 'Realm', 'Land', 'Domain' and 'Dominion'.

Replaced and re-fitted the text for several npc's in the game that had a lot of text referring to the Calradic 'civil war', while Calradia was no longer mentioned, the war was, and there was never a european war of re-unification, so that needed to be quick-fixed.

Text for the Guild-master, Traveller and Bards were re-fitted to be more appropriate for the 1257 setting which encompasses multiple realms and not just one (Calradia).

Lords will also have text more in-line with the above, as well.

Also added some text-fluff about the era to the game concepts page.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?z3qbf047070r356

Requirements: svn Revision 45

Install: Extract into your 1257ad module folder.
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