Regiment Recruiting: 1st Battalion of Piedmont


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Mount & Blade Regiment of the 1st Battalion of the Piedmont(probably the first led by a Woman) :grin:
We only take the best; those who are motivated to play by our side and those who are here to enjoy their time with good buddies.
We are not only a regiment, we are a family. We enjoy our time playing other games together if you want a gaming night on another game just say so after the events, it will be our pleasure to come and try out your game!
We are a family, so we all talk respectfully and truthfully to the other members.
-You don't need to have a resume of 1,000 Hours of Mount & Blade to join, anyone is welcomed with open arms and we do not juge anyone!
-Anyone is welcome to try out an event with the regiment
-You can quit at any time if it doesn't work out for you, we won't hold a grudge!
-You can always come back (but you will restart all the way down the bottom)
Have fun and don't be scared to come in the teamspeak to ask to join or contact the 1A.
Teamspeak :
Steam : Sweet4Sound
Until the day we can finally meet!