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QUESTION: Ze Treasure and Server Modding

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I have noticed a number of Napoleonic Wars servers where a map will have a number of 'ze_treasure' props around--each of which can give you a different set of items. Would anyone be able to explain how you can make it so that clients (on my own server) can pick up different items from each? From my own testing, i was able to do this from the client side, but it did not work when hosted from a server.

Also, I have been trying to make certain line infantry have the ability to ride horses. Again, I could make it work client side, but when uploaded to the server, the client side would not work.

I am really a beginner when it comes to any form of modding or editing, so sorry if my questions appear stupid. It would be really helpful if more experienced modders of this game would (if they get the time) create some more guides on things like modding, scripting, editing--especially for the server side of things. Since I notice a lot of things on other servers which I would love to set up on mine, but there really are no guides on it, and very few people to ask.

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers this!
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