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Problem to connect to the server

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Knight at Arms
Dear Devs,

Very similar problem described in this thread:

But I decided to make a new one in order to describe this problem in more detailed way.

It starts with the problem to see the server list. It happens when you try to refresh it several times. The successful refresh of list is absolutely random and you can spend hours to get it.

When you finally get it, you can avoid this process for next time just by adding them to favorites. You will be see outdated server details information though untill next successful refresh. 

The next problem is to connect to the selected server couse when you do this sometimes you see blank list of players and you just can select faction and wait till its disconnects you. Sometimes you see the list of currently playing players and some action for a moment then it suddently freez and you recive "lost connection erorr" again.
Successful connect is just a random thing as in above case. And you need to make small pauses(1-2 minutes) between attempts. 

This expirienced this problem since patch .622. It is already .633 patch out.
I linked it to "New network protocol used, which should reduce packet size and improve
relaibility." patch notes couse before implementation of this changes I had no problems with connection at all.



Knight at Arms
Since 0635 patch I have all the mentioned above connection problems.

And in addition my ping increased like in 3 times (from 40/50 to 140/150 EU servers) and even if I manage to connect and play I get "connection lost" after 3-5 minutes.


Knight at Arms
I was absent for some weeks (missed couple of patches)

Since 0650 I have no problems with connection at all.

My ping on EU servers has been significantly increased though. From 45 to 160. It can be my ISP (or yours) but I heard such compllains from other players as well.


Sergeant at Arms
ya i ewe 3 4ela is Rossii ne imeem problem s connecctom.
Gia imeet big ping 150.
Johny is Odessy - normal okolo 90.
Vse igraly v 650/
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