Popioly Feniksa [PF] - Vityazi of Sun [VS]

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Popioly Feniksa [PF]
Contacts: tw -  Samowar or Arthasan. Steam is arthasan.
Server: We haven't server, but we want to buy server in France

Vityazi of Sun [|VS|]
Contacts: lVSl_Konstrush_lKnzl; Skype - Konstrush; Steam - Konstrush.
Server: VS_Battle_RU or VS_Public - Moskow

Here is some info for you to make the discussion of match date\time easier. And also if you have some problems, then this topic can help you to prove that your point was right.

At the end of next five days, i will check this topic, if i dont find the results of match here, i will look which clan offered more days and times to play the match, and this clan will get default victory for this match.


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I suggest to play a match on Wednesday of 12/1/2010. At 18:00 GTM. You agree?
To us it is still necessary to referee for this match. Thanks.

Arcas Nebun

Section Moderator
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You will be assigned a referee after you settle the time and date, but FFS, everyone wants to play on Wednesday? This is absurd... all clans want to play on Wednesday. There aren't enough referees for this, you know?