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      Hello, and welcome to the Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars forum! Here you will find a large amount of discussion, critiques, and questions about the Napoleonic Wars. Have a question or want to post on the forums and you are not sure where the best place is to do so? Take a look at the following outline of the forums, and soon you will be able to find out exactly where you need to go.

    First things first, the Napoleonic Wars General Area. This board is for discussing the game: Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars. Things that can be found here are balance discussions, general questions about game play, media surrounding the game, and anything else that involves the game itself. Before posting, ask yourself: "Does this directly involve the game?" And you should be good to go.

    The next board is the Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars Community Board. This board is for discussion pertaining to the community of Napoleonic Wars: including it's regiments, events, and servers. Posts that can be found here include modifications in development, community interest questions, community discussion, and more odds and ends that may not pertain to the game itself, but the era surrounding it. This is a good place to post if you have something you want to discuss, but may not pertain exactly to the game.

    A subsection of the community board, the Regimental Board is for threads dedicated to the clans of Napoleonic Wars, classified as Regiments. This is where you will want to go if you are in search of a regiment to join, wish to create a regiment, or to find information pertaining to a regiment.

    Another subsection of the community board, the Community Events Board is for the discussion of Community created Events. Want to join an event? This is the place to look. This is also the place to go if you wish to create an event of your own to run. There are a number of different events, and many feature different rule sets, make sure to carefully read the event thread you wish to attend before trying to join it.

    The final subsection of the community board is the Server Board. This is for the discussion and display of the various servers that run Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars. Here you will find regimental servers and server hosting advertisements.

    The Napoleonic Wars: Release Mods section is for modifications that have been created specifically for Napoleonic Wars, and have a download of some kind. Take a look and browse around, you may find something you like!

    The last board pertaining specifically to Napoleonic Wars, the Napoleonic Wars Support Board is for any technical question you may have about the game. Be sure to check out the Common Problems and Solutions sticky, it has many possible solutions that could aid you. Please note, the developers no longer check this forum, if you are seeking their aid your best chance is to make a support post on their website.

    There are also boards outside of the Napoleonic Wars that may be more appropriate to post in depending on the circumstances. The Realm of Calradia board is for any questions you may have about the Taleworlds website, forum, or community. The Forge is a place for discussing the modification of Mount and Blade, and contains a veritable wealth of information on how to do so yourself. And finally, the Anachronist's Guild is the Taleworlds off topic board, where you can find a topic (or create one) on just about anything!

As always, please make sure to read the stickies of a any board you wish to post in. They contain vital information about the topic, and can solve any issue or question you may have without you needing to ever post!

And finally, use the Forum Search Function, it is equally possible someone may have had the same question or issue before, and all it takes to solve yours is a quick search.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in this thread and I will be happy to help.

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