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Well the thing is. I want to start getting used to the Particle Systems in the module system. Since they are a important part of my mod. So.. I have one picture I wanna use. Though.. I need transperancy or else it will just be a bunch of squares flying around... So. Here's the question. How can I use the alpha channels in the BRF-edit to make it transparant?

This is my pic... I kinda want it to be like the brighter the more transperant.. or atleast the whiter.. I've seen it done before.. I never figured out how though...


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It depends what software ypu are using.
In PS you need to go to channels, create new channel, and copy this smoke image to this new channel.
Whites are opaque, blacks are transparent, so you need to invert colors for alpha channel. Also play with levels if you want.
The you need to save it, use DXT5 settings in dds exporter. Eventually DXT1 or DXT3 if you don't need smooth particles.
In brf, simply copy existing material (for example one that is used for particles) and change texture.


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So.. it's in the picture itself where it decides the transperancy and not in BRF. oh okey...
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