SP Sci-Fi Fantasy PARADIGM WORLDS - Fantasy / Post-Apocaliptic / S-F mod

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Hi. If you kniw which objects and textures are mine, you re welcome to use them in your mod. However please take into consideration that my mod is existing thanks to objects and textures of other modders as well. Theese things are really mixed.

For sure if something looks weird freak or strange it is probably done by me. There is a lot of textures that were remade by me.

Safest way would be identify author, you can check my credits section.

It would be very hard to say exactly model by model what was done by me and what by other modder.

So if you keep this warning in mind, every modder can use anything done by me in any MB mod. You can post here info, it would be interesting to see how stuff is used later.
If you have problems with bugs in the game you can also lost your problem on moddb mod forum. Somebody probably had same issue and can help you.

For best you should play the game:
0  bodies
RAGDOLL OFF - this is needed for corpses to behave normal

Last version of the mod should be playable without severe  bugs. I use comments from players to improve mod and I would rather not implement new option if it means bugs, than put new thing which would made game more buggy.

Skeletons should work properly. However please take into consideration that you should use skeletons file provided by me in the mod.
Skeletons are scaled over 1.o to something about 1.40 for halfgiants. That unfortunatelly makes ragdoll effect to work erratic.

Problem with uruks and orcs generally - bug that made them invincible - was an old bug from previous versions of mod. And it was due to 'skeleton' file. You can search for it in the mod folder.

As for the balance. I never intended to create balanced game. But there is a way to win every faction.

Player can hire order troops and give orders to hired armies. Player can hire his own custom troops. You just need to play a little to see which kind of troops are effective against others.

Apart of the thing that visually mod is like a' drug trip ' as someone described it, it is also thought to be played using some strategy and tactical thought.

This mod differs from others also in the way that if you want to visit some areas you should be powerful enough to do so. And if you go with even big but unexoerienced band to fight with cyborgs or technomages you will proba ly fail.

If you ever played might and magic, for example mm6, there were some areas that monster killed you instantly because you were to weak. Similar in paradigm worlds.

On the other hand I assure you that if you:
Level up your companions
Choose good troops and good mix of the troops
Use firing snipers, troops that use grenades, find cavalry, maybe use shock troops in a effective way you will find that game can be quite easy.

And for starters it is absoluty not a shame if you set difficulty to easy. This game can be sometimes hard ezpecially to new players so remeber that I wanted to create mod to be fun and challenging but not impossible to play.

I hope you all have fun.

Sorry for any errors in post but I used mobile not pc to write it.
This reminds me of an old mod from 2009: :razz:
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